As mentioned in the book “The Future is Howling”, “miracles happen when certain technologies that accelerate independently are merged with other technologies that accelerate independently.”

Indeed, many of the amazing black technologies are the miracles of innovation spawned by the fusion of technologies. For example, self-driving taxis are the result of the fusion of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence algorithms, battery technology, lidar, high-precision maps, and online car-hailing services.

Today, a variety of cutting-edge technologies will bring about huge changes. A consensus has been reached in the whole society. The transformation of digital intelligence has become a proposition of the times that all walks of life pay attention to, participate in, and promote. New technologies are introduced through “going to the cloud and empowering intelligence with data”. , new capabilities, new opportunities, not uncommon in the past few years.

In 2022, the full-scale cloud migration has entered the deep water area. How can we make it truly become the “Dinghai Shenzhen” for the high-quality and stable development of society and enterprises? JD Cloud proposes a vertical and horizontal “cross map” – vertically from “business cloud” to more diversified “cloud innovation”, to create a new generation of cloud-industry integration supply chain system; horizontally, “more understanding” “Industry” to the end, join hands with partners in thousands of industries such as retail, logistics, energy, transportation, manufacturing, urban, finance, etc., to further promote the digital transformation and upgrading of physical enterprises.

Let’s start with this innovative landscape on the cloud that integrates vertical and horizontal integration and integration of production and cloud, and talks about the uncertain 2022, the sense of value and driving force that the cloud needs to release.

Innovation on the Cloud: An Anchor of Stability in the Digital Age

The “2021 Cloud Computing White Paper” released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in July 2021 mentioned that in the context of the global digital economy, cloud computing has become an inevitable choice for enterprises’ digital and intelligent transformation, with cloud computing as the core, integrating artificial intelligence, big data, etc. The technology realizes the transformation and upgrading of enterprise information technology software and hardware, innovates application development and deployment tools, accelerates the circulation, collection, processing and value mining of data, and effectively improves the productivity of applications.

Under the guidance of this correct direction, the specific problem faced by more industries and enterprises is how to further integrate new technologies, new scenarios, and new applications into all aspects of industrial scenarios? Why is it necessary to strengthen the depth and breadth of innovation on the cloud in 2022? From the three variables in the cloud market, we can understand the current value and necessity of cloud innovation.

Variable 1: User. In the post-epidemic era, the use of data and intelligence to improve quality and efficiency has become the choice of many “traditional heavy-duty organizations” such as government, energy, industry, ports, and medical care. The number of cloud users (customers) has increased, which has also brought new demands. For example, some companies do not have the ability to develop algorithms themselves, but also hope to obtain applications such as AI quality inspection and face recognition through the cloud… Build the industry with cloud computing as the carrier, integrating big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital twins, etc. The platform base that integrates a new generation of digital technologies has become an inevitable choice for cloud manufacturers to seize new market opportunities.

Variable two: technology. In the rapid development and evolution of digital intelligence technology, many super-large AI models will be born in 2021, showing the ability to surpass human beings. The commercial acceleration of 5G has also brought new value points to the industrial Internet, coupled with the use of industrial cloud. The business scenarios and problems of the operators themselves are relatively complex, and a single technology cannot really effectively change the production scenarios. For example, in order for machine vision to play a role in the assembly line, it must be combined with cloud systems, camera hardware, edge computing, 5G and other technologies and products to form a comprehensive solution.

Wu Lianfeng, vice president and chief analyst of IDC China, believes that the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises has entered a deep-water zone. From the perspective of technology application, it has changed from “isolated technology” to “converged technology”. Therefore, innovation on the cloud that integrates multiple technologies has become more and more urgent.

Variable three: ecology. The further deepening of industrial digitalization has also made the role of “bridge” played by cloud manufacturers more and more important. Because cloud migration is a large-scale systematic project that integrates a variety of cutting-edge technical capabilities, requires top-level design and infrastructure transformation, and even huge changes in organizational processes. Cloud vendors cannot complete all the above tasks alone, nor can they Taking into account the long-tail needs of vertical segmentation in all walks of life.

This requires cloud manufacturers to continuously expand the integration of their own systems and industries while improving their own capabilities, attract more innovative wisdom to join in through ecological co-prosperity, accelerate the granularity and finesse of innovation on the cloud, and provide digital intelligence for the industry. Speed ​​up further.

These three variables mean that the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry has entered a deep-water area, and the cloud market has also reached a new key point of competition: high-quality innovation, large-scale innovation, and using height and breadth to expand its own development space in the increasingly fierce market competition .

The vertical and horizontal integration of cloud innovation “cross map” proposed by JD Cloud just happened to build a support structure with both height and breadth. JD Cloud’s cloud innovation map shows us what kind of stable anchors are needed in the era of uncertainty and in the turbulent digital waves.

The technical capabilities throughout the scene determine the height of innovation on the cloud

Many cloud users come from traditional enterprises and institutions. The fundamental demand for cloud migration is limited by the long-term accumulation of complex infrastructure, business difficulties, data governance problems, etc. New kinetic energy for long-term transformation and upgrading.

“Going to the cloud for business” does not mean that technical capabilities will naturally come to industries and enterprises. As mentioned earlier, the iterative changes in technology are accelerating, and the business scenarios of many industries and enterprises are subdivided and complex, and they may not know how to convert business problems into technically solvable problems. To solve this problem, it is necessary to make technological value truly become a competitive force and a driving force for business growth through cloud innovation.

We have seen that JD Cloud vertically integrates its long-term accumulated leading technical capabilities with industry, scene, and enterprise needs through cloud-based innovation in specific application scenarios to create a “cloud-chain integration” digital-intelligence engine.

1. Cloud + AI

Many traditional retail enterprises hope to improve the quality and efficiency of their business by going to the cloud to obtain AI capabilities. This is a macro direction. If AI is to be applied, it must provide targeted innovative solutions on the cloud according to the subdivision needs of enterprises.

JD Cloud’s AI capabilities are integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as speech synthesis and natural language understanding, combined with technologies such as 3D art and video driving, and have launched a digital human anchor with intelligent human-computer interaction capabilities. Pain points provide ideas. In 2021 11.11, JD Cloud cooperated with Beats, Zhou Hei Ya, Hewlett-Packard, Lion King, Casio and other leading brands to apply digital human anchors in the live broadcast scene, making up for the sales of the live broadcast gap and increasing the number of live broadcasts. The number of sessions and the duration help to realize live broadcasts all day long, and help merchants to sell goods live 7×24 hours without interruption, which greatly increases the interaction volume and transaction volume.

At the same time, driven by AI technology, JD Cloud Digital Human Anchors can combine different functions of products, cooperate with a variety of actions such as greeting, spreading hands, clenching fists, liking, etc., and answering various questions raised by the audience like a flow, for consumers Provide a unique shopping experience with strong interactivity.

2. Cloud + Blockchain

When the epidemic situation is repeated, once the cold chain logistics link cannot be traced in time, it may affect the health of residents and the effect of epidemic prevention. The integration and innovation of cloud and blockchain provides a variety of solutions to this practical challenge.

In order to allow consumers to easily view cold chain quarantine information, sterilization certificates, and nucleic acid certificates when purchasing goods, JD Cloud, JD Logistics and JD Fresh jointly created the “JD Cold Chain Traceability Platform” to help domestic provinces and cities achieve “one code to the end” ”, the one-time commodity data is collected and written into the blockchain, and the cold chain commodity outer packaging traceability code is used to avoid the repetitive work of repeated cold chain commodity data reporting, which greatly improves the circulation efficiency and increases consumers’ confidence It reduces the difficulty and administrative cost of related epidemic prevention.

In addition, blockchain can also be integrated with AI on the cloud. JD Cloud’s Zhizhen Chain BaaS platform can deploy the network in 30 seconds and complete the consortium chain networking within 2 days, helping organizations improve the efficiency of technology application. At present, the Zhizhen Chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform has cooperated with more than 1,000 brand owners, the off-chain data has exceeded 1 billion, and the number of consumer quality traceability inquiries has exceeded 7.5 million.

3. Cloud + IoT

You may not be unfamiliar with the Internet of Things technology. The digitalization of the industry is inseparable from the ability to connect everything. Through the transformation of the intelligent Internet of Things, the transformation of business scenarios such as the Industrial Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles, and the smart home requires the collaborative innovation of cloud and IoT technologies.

Taking the digital and intelligent solution created by JD Cloud for Haima Automobile as an example, the user experience cannot be separated from the interaction with the hardware, and the online and offline service scenarios must be opened up to provide a cloud-end one-stop car-connected service solution. As a result, Haima Automobile and have cooperated in depth to build an intelligent network platform to help Haima Automobile achieve intelligent capabilities; at the same time, it is connected to the technical capabilities on the cloud, such as the voice control module of iFLYTEK, which can be seen and said. ; Get through Tencent and AutoNavi maps, and apply vehicle operation data in series to realize service finding people; access to a large number of service ecosystems, including’s core ecological voice shopping, home furnishing, maintenance, etc., providing smart car maintenance, shopping consumption, travel life, etc. Online and offline service mode.

The innovation of cloud integration brings a brand new car experience to Haima owners and helps Haima to transform and upgrade.

The deep integration of technical capabilities and application scenarios allows enterprises to understand scenarios more deeply based on the capabilities of JD Cloud without spending a lot of manpower, material resources and energy to adapt to technological changes.

The value release of these cloud innovations is derived from the technical heights accumulated by JD Cloud over a long period of time, bringing the possibility of change to many industries and enterprises.

The thinking mode of production-cloud integration determines the breadth of innovation on the cloud

The transformation of digital intelligence has become the general trend, which means that there will be a surge of different segmented demands from all directions. The horizontal dimension of JD Cloud’s “Innovation on the Cloud” is to connect the horizontal axis of each industry and enterprise with its own capabilities, and work with partners in retail, logistics, energy, transportation, manufacturing, cities, and finance to help thousands of industries. Embrace digital transformation.

The thinking mode of integration of production and cloud has been proved in practice and can solve several concerns in the transformation of industrial digital intelligence.

1. Effect concerns.

Many organizations do not know how to turn business problems into technically solvable problems after migrating to the cloud. Facing the “Baoshan”, they are unable to start, which directly affects the benefits and effects of the cloud migration.

Through the integration of production and cloud, JD Cloud works with the demander to innovate together. For example, in Hexi District, Tianjin, it has joined hands with JD Cloud to carry out the construction of “one library, one network and one platform”, building a database of elderly population, an elderly care service network and a smart elderly care service platform. In order to truly serve the elderly, the first thing to solve is how to establish a connection, start a dialogue, and continue to communicate with the elderly.

In the past, to complete the inquiries of more than 5,000 elderly people living alone in the Hexi District community, at least one staff member was required to work continuously for 10 working days. The AI ​​intelligent interaction technology of JD Cloud is very suitable for this scene. Therefore, Hexi District and JD Cloud jointly built and implemented an intelligent outbound call system. Through anthropomorphic speech synthesis technology, the machine generates a gentle and friendly voice of girls, which improves the efficiency of communication services and establishes an emotional connection with the elderly.

Weng Shuqin, an old man on Taoyuan Street in Hexi District, has to wait for the call from “Little Girl” every morning to exchange with her about today’s weather, physical condition, and chat.

At present, the intelligent outbound call system supported by JD Cloud technology can use anthropomorphic voice to complete inquiries for the elderly living alone in the area within 3 hours. Each call lasts about 1 minute, allowing technology to warm the elderly. .

2. Commercial concerns.

Many enterprises need not only the introduction of technical capabilities, but also guidance and assistance in business models, business innovation, and business strategies in their digital-to-intelligence transformation. This requires cloud service providers to understand both technology and business.

Taking the retail industry as an example, Shandong Deyi Dairy Co., Ltd. is a low-temperature milk manufacturer. In the digital-intelligence transformation, the problems it hopes to solve are complex and diverse. On the user side, it hopes to increase the reach of online and offline consumers; On the marketing side, we hope to establish a unified and coordinated omni-channel digital marketing capability; on the channel side, we hope to optimize the management efficiency of channel operations; on the production side, we hope that digital technology will support further enrichment of product categories.

Obviously, this also poses challenges to cloud service providers’ business insights, full-chain capabilities, and full-stack technologies. In practice, Deyi Dairy and JD Cloud, based on JD’s years of experience and technology in the retail field, have built an omni-channel business middle-office solution to help Deyi’s omni-channel business scenario integration; use JD Cloud’s big data and AI algorithm capabilities ,’s C2M reverse customization solution can help Benefit to better locate products, improve Benefit’s R&D efficiency, and the accuracy of product creation and upgrades. Use cloud computing, cloud storage, containers, microservices, K8S, DevOps and other technical product service capabilities to help Benyi build public cloud services and technology middle-end, upgrade digital infrastructure, and support business development needs in the digital intelligence era…

The full-stack capabilities of JD Cloud help Deyi Dairy continue to develop in the red ocean of the market.

3. Cost concerns.

Under the uncertain situation of the global economy, many companies will have cost anxiety in the digital and intelligent transformation, and worry about the input-output ratio. Even the banking industry is very concerned about the benefits of digital intelligence.

In this case, cloud innovation through the integration of production and cloud can maximize technical capabilities, reduce the risk of incompatibility in the application of technology, and truly help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. For example, the VTM digital human solution of JD Smart Customer Service Yanxi, based on multi-modal interactive digital human technology, has created the first “digital teller” in China that can independently handle real bank transactions throughout the process. VTM digital employees, which are comparable to real people, have anthropomorphic dialogue methods and a friendly image, and can independently complete the whole process of transaction services, greatly improving the reception capacity and service efficiency of remote banks, thereby helping banks reduce service outlets. Operating costs.

At the same time, VTM digital employees also allow remote areas, elderly groups, etc., to obtain high-quality service experience at a low threshold. Whether it is economic return or social benefit, the innovation of production-cloud integration makes cost concerns no longer hinder the pace of digital intelligence.

Industry is the foothold of technology and the birthplace of innovation. These important livelihood and economic scenarios can be used as cross-sections to give people a glimpse of the value of JD Cloud.

Innovation on the cloud opens up a vast space for digital transformation

From the above practical cases, we will find that industrial digital and intelligent innovation is becoming richer and more diverse in the “cross map” of JD Cloud, from a simple “business to the cloud” to a clear and powerful “” Innovation on the Cloud”.

When multiple technologies converge, superimpose, and appear in combination, like an exponential effect, they play the role of innovation accelerators, release a series of secondary forces, and reshape the future of the industry and your life. It is mainly reflected in three aspects: an obvious change.

1. More efficient innovation speed. JD Cloud takes advantage of its platform attributes, lowers the innovation threshold of enterprises, accelerates the transformation and upgrading of vertical scenarios, and realizes the empowerment of business development through a strong technical base and open source.

2. More innovative wisdom. By cooperating with the upstream and downstream industries to achieve ecological convergence, partners and developers have joined the transformation team, giving the digital economy more innovative wisdom and realizing the release of technological potential.

3. More diverse innovation models. As a cloud that grows from the real industry and understands the industry better, JD Cloud has built new delivery methods, service models, and cooperation models in practice to provide industrial customers with better services and realize the opening of industrial opportunities.

The vertical and horizontal cloud innovation map supports the high-quality and large-scale development of industrial digitalization, and is also expanding the space and possibilities of cloud services.

On January 5th not long ago, China Central Radio and Television announced that will become the exclusive interactive partner of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala. Red envelopes and real objects. Behind a variety of innovative interactive gameplays such as customized red envelopes, national trendy good things, and trendy cool play, it means a long time, multi-technology, and high-traffic flood peaks. JD Cloud is not only the base, but also the confidence.

Every technology is interacting, and every industry role is accelerating. All these add up, and cloud innovation has become the stabilizer and driving force of the digital and intelligent economy.

“The best way to predict the future is to create the future”, which may be used as a portrayal of the future of JD Cloud and industrial digital intelligence.

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