On January 17, according to foreign media reports, after missing the first 5g bus due to chip and other reasons, it is generally expected that Apple will launch a number of 5g enabled smartphones this year. After the release of the iPhone 11 series, news about 5g iPhone has been constantly emerging. Now experts say that Apple’s A14 processor with 5nm technology will greatly improve the iPhone 12, expected to be comparable to the 15 inch MacBook Pro.

A14 processor will greatly improve the performance of iPhone 12, mainly due to the improvement of chip technology

It is Jason cross of Macworld who predicts that the A14 will significantly improve the performance of the iPhone 12 and is expected to rival the 15 inch MacBook Pro.

In Jason Cross’s opinion, A14 greatly improves the performance of iPhone 12, mainly due to the improvement of chip technology, from 7Nm to 5nm.

According to TSMC’s 5nm technology, the number of transistors will reach an astonishing 15 billion, which is more than the number of CPUs and GPUs used by large high-end desktop computers and servers.

Cross said he would not be surprised if Apple reduced the size of the A14 processor to 85 square millimeters and integrated 12.5 billion transistors.

It is worth noting that if the A14 processor integrates 12.5 billion transistors as cross predicted, it will increase by nearly 50% compared with the A13 processor in the iPhone 11 series, which integrates 8.5 billion transistors.

Cross also said transistors with more GPUs and rumored 6GB of memory will improve smartphone game performance by 50%. In addition, cross also expects apple to improve the neural network of A14.

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