According to the daily news, a special hiking activity was held in Yuji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Participants can walk with the help of “wearable robots”. The event was jointly organized by Club Tourism and Nara robot development company “atoun”. The participants cruise along yuzhichuan and feel the charm of hiking.

Clubtourism and its parent company knt-ct holding group have developed new tourism products with the help of robots developed by “atoun” company in order to enable the elderly with declining walking ability to enjoy relaxed hiking. Previously, the auxiliary robot experience activity was launched at the red leaf appreciation activity held in Lanshan, Beijing in December 2019.

“Atoun” commercialized the lower body auxiliary robot used by workers in the logistics industry to reduce the waist burden, developed the No. 1 machine of the walking robot “himico” in 2018, then completed the improved latest model in October 2019, and has cooperated with many companies to collect commercial data.

The “wearable robot” weighs about 2.5kg. The waist bag with shoulder strap has built-in computer chip and battery, and the engine is also installed in it. The transmission device drives the knee protector through the cable made of resin, which can transfer the user’s pace and road conditions to the computer through the first two steps, and then apply appropriate strength to the knee to assist walking.

Walking activities are divided into morning and afternoon on the same day, with a total of 12 people aged 30-80 participating in the activities. The participants were equipped with “wearable robot” and “himico”. Accompanied by three staff members such as the president of the company, they walked nearly 3 kilometers along yuzhichuan (River) from Yuzhi station in Osaka in 2 hours. People really feel the auxiliary function of “wearable robot” on the stone steps of the world cultural heritage yuzhishang shrine and Yuzhi shrine, as well as the ramp of Daji mountain prospect platform overlooking the city.

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