This is a project on Hackaday, a smart watch made with 192 0603 LEDs, based on ESP32 PICO controller (supports WiFi, BT, Mesh functions), has a vibration motor, a real-time clock, 4 buttons and a USB C connection device.

This design uses 4 circles of LEDs, the outermost circle is used to display the seconds, the middle two circles are used to display the minutes, and the innermost circle is used to display the “hours”.

LED driver bits IS32FL3733-TQ

This design was drawn in KiCad, using the following components:

Lipo charging module

ESP32 PICO D4 Controller

DS3231MZ real time clock

CP2104 converts USB signals to ESP32

A ME6211C33M5G-N 5V/BAT to 3.3V regulator

A TP4054 for charging

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