September 9 news, today huami technology tmall 99 cost-effective Festival officially launched, known as “not students, also can enjoy the student price!” A number of huami amazfit smart watches have been reduced by up to 80 yuan.

The daily price of amazfit GTR 42mm is 799 yuan, and the hand price is 739 yuan;

The daily price of amazfit GTR 47mm is 999 yuan, and the hand price is 919 yuan;

Amazfit smart watch on the 2nd regular price of 999 yuan, hand price of 919 yuan;

The daily price of amazfit youth watch is 399 yuan, and the price is 359 yuan.

Among them, the amazfit GTR watch was released in July this year and just won the IFA 2019 wearable Application Innovation Award.

Amazfit GTR 47mm, body thickness controlled at 10.75mm, double crown, round dial design, equipped with a 1.39 “326ppi retina level AMOLED screen, resolution 454 × 454, covered with Corning gorilla third generation glass, with anti fingerprint AF coating.

Under the daily use mode with high frequency and comprehensive functions, amazfit GTR 47mm can be used for up to 24 days. In the basic watch mode, such as turning off Bluetooth, heart rate and other functions, the amazfit GTR 47mm can be used for 74 days by raising your hand to light the screen 100 times a day.

Built in NFC chip, it can simulate door card brush access control and intelligent door lock, the first batch of intelligent access control for 225 communities in Shanghai area, and supports 253 city bus subway swipe cards. It also has worked with Alipay, and Amazfit GTR supports Alipay offline scan code payment.

In sports, amazfit

GTR has built-in independent GPS module and Sony 28nm low-power GPS chip, which can record the movement track without mobile phone, and support GPS + GLONASS double star precise positioning.

In terms of health, amazfit GTR is still equipped with biotracker PPG, a high-precision biotracker optical sensor independently developed by huami technology, which can continuously monitor the heart rate with high accuracy 24 hours a day.

A number of huami amazfit smart watches are reduced by 42mm, and the price is 739 yuan

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