When it comes to VR devices, what most consumers can think of is still the bulky helmet product. A few more minutes will produce dizziness. This experience made Zhao Huan wonder: why can’t VR devices be lighter?

“Electronic products will pursue the ultimate and thin product design direction.” With this original intention, founded in 2016, vlavr is committed to providing VR / AR solutions for high-speed and low-power computing chips based on 5g network and strong interactive entertainment business operation services. It is a community operator of content CP producers with a certificate incentive system.

It is understood that the products developed by the company include minivr, VR + blockchain products, dvbox, vlanode self-service financial media service machine, etc. Up to now, the company has completed two rounds of ten million yuan financing, both of which are invested by the industry.

Founder Zhao Huan revealed that the reason why he chose the investment of the two industrial parties is that the Shitian technology team was born as a communicator. Driven by 5g, the channels and other resources of the industrial party will contribute to the development of the company’s mobile 5g high-performance cloud VR service platform.

Two horizontal and two vertical: Hardware Products + content ecology

However, VR devices and other products have not been widely popularized in Chinese consumers’ families. Zhao Huan said that Shitian technology cuts into the market from the dimensions of entertainment and education. “We don’t just make a pair of glasses, we just say that on this track, glasses are the way to reach users and build a core user group.”

Therefore, under the long-term research and development, Shitian Technology launched a head display glasses with a thickness of only 1.5cm and a weight of 105g, namely minivr series. It is reported that the minivr series products are equipped with a 3K resolution screen, with a screen accuracy of 800ppi and a 105 degree FOV to minimize the sense of dizziness. In addition, the glasses also support monocular focusing below 700 degrees, which is light and immersive, so as to achieve a better high-quality viewing experience.

On the other hand, at the beginning of its establishment, Shitian technology was the exclusive partner of Migu video VR platform under Migu of China Mobile to provide overall VR solutions. In terms of specific operation, users only need to connect their mobile phone and automatically start Migu video VR mode to enjoy a large number of Migu VR film and television resources. Cloud hunting learned that Migu brand “Migu mirror bearing VRM” is now popular in major e-commerce channels. It can adapt to a full range of medium and high series smartphones to provide high-quality VR video experience.

It is worth mentioning that Shitian technology has also developed a blockchain based home entertainment miner VR product – dvbox. Users only need to use dvbox to obtain all the contents in the blockchain ecology, including traditional 2D and 3D videos. They also support viewing VR videos through supporting minivr glasses.

Zhao Huan explained: “the traditional CDN mode is to store the content to the central node server and then distribute it level by level. We store the VR / AR content distributed in all dvboxes and distribute it based on the edge network in 5g environment.”

The core of Shitian technology’s application of blockchain technology lies in the distributed smart contract. At the moment when the problem of content copyright still exists, blockchain technology has the possibility to reduce the infringement of content copyright.

According to CEO Zhang Yue, on the DVC platform, once the user browses the content in the platform, it will be broadcast to all nodes through blockchain technology and recorded. At the same time, because it is a distributed record, if you want to modify it, you need to tamper with more than 50% of the nodes of the platform, which is more reliable than central storage. “This also means that this technology can better protect the interests of content producers.”

New form: 5g mobile phone + XR glasses

In June this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued 5g license, marking the beginning of 5g business and China’s entry into the 5g era. In Zhao Huan’s view, 5g is a very important chain node. “Communication should be ahead of the development of the computer industry. There must be a network before there is a road, and there must be a road before there is content.”

Only in the 5g era, there are higher requirements than in the 4G era, whether from infrastructure such as base stations or equipment terminals such as smart phones. In the field of virtual reality, due to the emergence of MEC, it can significantly improve the interaction efficiency between virtual and real worlds such as AR / VR. The whole 5g “cloud, pipe and end” will enable XR terminals to obtain network computing power.

In other words, the 5g network with low delay and high bandwidth will break through the experience bottleneck of the original AR / VR and open a new round of XR experience. It is reported that Shitian technology is developing a minixr glasses, which can switch freely between VR and ar. while conventional glasses can be assembled, it also supports the replacement of various styles of frames.

When launching this series of products, what Shitian technology needs to do is the scene landing application of 5g + XR. Specific to the landing application scenarios, Zhao Huan, for example, in the bank business hall, based on virtual reality technology and superimposed with 5g technology, can break through the geographical location restrictions of business outlets. Users can handle all kinds of businesses by wearing glasses, saving a lot of processing time.

It is understood that before that, Shitian Technology launched a new “vlavr Shitian cloud”, which was successfully selected into the 5g edge network cloud VR test platform of China Mobile 5g innovation experiment center and made its debut at the China Mobile Partner Conference.

Next, the team will continue to focus on the industry and continue to research, develop and optimize the sales channels of the whole industrial chain, including later product demonstration, system maintenance and other aspects. “Combined with fashion elements, the direction of Shitian technology is no longer just pure high technology. Our core is to achieve the ultimate product experience with the blessing of technology and algorithm.”

Zhao Huan revealed that a new round of financing of Shitian technology is already in progress.


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