According to foreign media culture of MAC, a 20-year-old woman in Florida accidentally overturned while driving and fell into a swamp. Fortunately, she was saved by Apple watch.

A foreign woman drove into a swamp and saved her life by applewatch

It is reported that the woman, Amanda Antonio, was driving on the road at 4 a.m. on New Year’s day. At that time, a car suddenly grabbed her in front, causing her to lose control of the car. The car rolled over for several times and sank into the swamp. The swamp was full of water and mud, and the whole car was slowly sinking.

As the car began to sink into the mud, she suddenly thought that she could Ping her flooded iPhone with apple watch and successfully called 911. Emergency rescue workers searched for a period of time and found the vehicle.

It is reported that the search took some time, so that when it was found, the water level had risen to Amanda’s chest, and the mobile phone had only 5% power. In order to better help the police locate, she also located through Google maps, making the rescue more rapid.

It is not clear which iPhone Amanda uses. It is speculated that it should be iphone7 or later, because the iPhone officially supports waterproof since iphone7.


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