According to foreign media reports, football is a sport that is relatively prone to chaos, and sometimes it is difficult to judge when a foul occurs. Now the British company has developed a new intelligent football, which is equipped with sensors to record its movement. The hardware end of the weight adjustment device was developed by sportable, a London based sports technology company, and integrated into the ball made by Gilbert, a British manufacturer.

A British company has developed a smart football that can quickly determine foul behavior

The sensors in intelligent football include inertial measurement unit (a combination of accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) and temperature sensor. The data provided by these and other tools include the position and direction of the ball, the distance and height traveled, the acceleration, and the number of revolutions up to 600 rpm.

This information is transmitted from the ball through radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and received by the receiver on the side of the court – each player also wears RFID tags, so they can also track their movement and position. As a result, it can be quickly and accurately determined whether a foul such as forward passing has occurred.

In addition, coaches can use the system to evaluate players’ performance, measure factors such as passing distance, or the length of time the ball is suspended in the air when serving. The system was successfully tested at the rugbyx championship in London last year – this event is very suitable as a test platform for the technology.

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