No matter how hard the manufacturer publicizes, 8K TV will not be selected by more users. After all, there are too few places to use.

According to the report released by market research firm IHS markets, in the third quarter of this year, the global sales of 8K TVs were 16300, down 16% from 32500 in the previous quarter.

8K TV has been sold since the fourth quarter of 2017, and its sales have increased steadily this year. 15100 units were sold in the first quarter of this year, and the sales volume doubled to 32500 units in the second quarter, but in the third quarter, the sales volume decreased compared with the second quarter. In particular, the global TV sales in the third quarter increased by 14.9% from 47.71 million in the previous quarter to 54.8 million, but the 8K TV market declined, accounting for only 0.05% of the global TV sales in the third quarter.

At present, only five companies in the world sell 8K TVs, including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony, sharp and TCL. The lack of content and high price are also considered to be the reasons for the weak sales of 8K TVs. According to IHS Markit’s previous forecast, the shipment of 8K TVs this year will reach 1670 million units, but until the end of the third quarter, the cumulative shipment is actually only 75000 units.


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