According to omdia, a research organization, apple is becoming the largest buyer of OLED panels for smart phones, reaching 169 million tablets in 2021; Followed by Samsung Electronics, whose galaxy model will purchase 157 million pieces; Xiaomi will purchase 67 million tablets in 2021. Smartphone brands and OEMs plan to purchase 812 million OLEDs in 2022, which is a great leap from 585 million in 2021.


Omdia expects Samsung to display 530 million tablets in 2022. BOE will become the second largest supplier of smart phone OLED panels, shipping more than 100 million pieces. LG (LG) shows that it is expected to supply 60 million OLED panels in 2022.


The shipment market share of Chinese smartphone OLED panel manufacturers will further increase from 15% in 2021 to 27% in 2022, while the share of Korean manufacturers will decrease from 85% in 2021 to 73% in 2022. China is increasingly becoming a threat to Korea’s OLED dominance. The Korean government is discussing the inclusion of the display panel into the national core industry special law. A relevant person of the Korean Display Industry Association said: “from the perspective of the scale of the display industry and its contribution to the national economy, we have conveyed to the semiconductor special committee our opinions on incorporating the display industry into the national strategic technology”, and explained that, It also “takes into account the close relationship between semiconductor and display technology”. The semiconductor special committee also agreed: “display is also a device industry, which needs timely investment.”


According to the data of South Korea display research portfolio, according to the market share of countries, China has reached 36.2%, almost catching up with South Korea, which has a share of 36.9%. Compared with five years ago, South Korea accounted for 45.2% and China accounted for 14.2%.


According to the omidia report, despite the decline in smartphone OLED panel shipments in 2020, according to the latest development in 2021, omdia observed three important trends:


1. Smartphone models and smartphone OLED panel shipments will rebound strongly in 2021.


2. Several leading brands are expanding the adoption rate of their OLED panels, especially apple and oppo, while the adoption rate of OLED panels of some brands is declining, such as Samsung.


3. With the launch of iPhone 12 and the highest adoption rate of OLED panel in 2021, apple is surpassing Samsung to become the largest smartphone OLED panel purchaser in 2021.

The information of this article comes from omdia’s official wechat and cinno’s wechat. This article is sorted and released.

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