Everyone is familiar with the 80plus certification of power supply, including white and bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium and other different levels. The higher the level, the higher the conversion efficiency of power supply.

Of course, this kind of certification is not free. The 80plus certification program is called plugloadsolutions, and behind it is a company called clearresultconsulting Inc.

If you want to get 80plus certification, you have to pay a single license fee of 5000 US dollars, and then set different charging standards for different products. For example, 115V, 115V industrial and 230V European standards are 6000 US dollars for each model, and 230V data center level is 7250 US dollars.

There is also a very common situation, that is, the OEM factory makes the power supply, and other brand power supply manufacturers take it away and paste their own brand to sell it. The certification fee in the middle is very mysterious.

For this kind of product, although the product itself has not changed at all, OEM manufacturers and brand manufacturers must go through the certification process, including a renaming fee.

At present, the cost of OEM power re certification is $1000, but from 2021, it has directly increased to $3500, and it is still charged separately according to each model.

80plus certification fee increases 3.5 times! Power supply will usher in a comprehensive price rise

For example, the pirate ship has released a new series of 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, 1000W and 1200W power versions, all of which come from the OEM channel well.

In the past, pirate ships had to pay $6000 certification fee and $5000 single authorization fee for them, totaling $11000. Now, the certification fee has risen to $21000, and the single authorization fee is $26000!

These expenses will undoubtedly be directly included in the cost of products, and manufacturers must collect them back. What else can they do except to raise prices?

In addition, each modification of the 80plus certification report costs US $500, and even if the power supply is sent back to the manufacturer after the certification, a fee of US $100 will be charged for each unit!

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