With the increasing popularity of Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud services and other technologies, the aiot industry layout with 5g technology seems to have opened a new situation, especially for the smart home in the consumer field.

According to the “2020 Smart Home Industry Research Report” released by 36 krypton Research Institute, smart home has entered the 4.0 era, and giant manufacturers are no longer limited to the research and development of intelligent products, but build an ecosystem based on Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology, and actively create the whole house smart home system products that can sense the needs of users independently and provide intelligent services. At the same time, with 5g + aiot enabling in the future, a larger range of underlying interconnection protocol is expected to be born, and the whole house smart home system will become an inevitable trend of development.

Stage 4.0 is built on the basis of big data and cloud computing technology. Deep learning, computer vision and other technologies will also be used. At this stage, systematic whole house intelligence can bring more value to users and truly provide intelligent home services. In the market environment, after the sudden epidemic, the public’s demand for contactless operation, senseless operation and diversified functions is increasing. At the same time, the time of staying at home is longer, the public begins to re-examine the quality of life at home, and the smart home has more space and opportunities to “stand out”.

With the gradual improvement of consumers’ demands for the technology and convenience of home products, the convenience of smart home and the advantages of contactless interaction are increasingly prominent. In the post epidemic era, how to further meet people’s demand for the diversity of smart home functions is becoming a hot topic in the industry.

Behind the positive layout of the industry is the continuous optimistic prospect of the smart home market under the birth of the epidemic. Strategy analytics predicts that the smart home market will recover in 2021 and consumer spending will increase to $62 billion. It is predicted that the global smart home device market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15% and reach US $88 billion by 2025.

So, in the face of broad market demand, how can intelligent hardware enterprises complete the development of diversified smart home products with low cost and high efficiency? It is perhaps the most cost-effective strategy at the moment to bring in a large number of developers with the help of the development tools and ecological resources of the third-party intelligent platform.

Taking the IOT development platform created by global aiot platform graffiti intelligence as an example, the platform provides convenient and efficient developer tools and solutions for global developers. For a long time, graffiti intelligence has been exploring the needs of developers in the field of aiot

First, the development of personalized app; second, the storage and sharing of data; third, the interconnection between different brands and categories.

Nowadays, doodle intelligent IOT development platform allows developers to develop a personalized app within 10 minutes, providing an efficient cloud service platform for data storage and utilization. Based on the underlying logic of doodle intelligent platform, cross brand interconnection of intelligent products is realized.

In addition, doodle intelligence has also launched a cloud development platform, which further improves the development efficiency of aiot developers, meets the three major requirements of data storage and analysis, device connection management and application development, and provides comprehensive support from hardware, cloud, OS to SaaS.

Relying on the rich equipment ecology and industry accumulation of graffiti intelligence, the cloud development platform has fully opened all kinds of cloud services including OpenAPI, covering the general capabilities of core scenes such as equipment control, whole house management, scene automation, and integrating the PAAS capabilities of vertical fields such as smart security, smart business, smart community, smart hotel, and smart apartment, so as to truly realize the goal of building from scratch Upgrade from full device to full scene intelligence.

Graffiti cloud development platform opens various cloud services including OpenAPI to developers. At the same time, developers can rely on the existing PAAS capabilities of graffiti intelligence in various vertical industries to quickly build smart city, smart business, smart industry and other industry solutions around poweredbytuya devices, so as to quickly realize the commercial landing of multiple smart scenes.

Graffiti intelligence has been growing at a high speed and upgrading iteratively. By the end of October 2019, it has served more than 180000 developers. With the advent of the era of smart home 4.0, the era of mobile Internet is also changing like the era of smart Internet. Graffiti intelligence should help enterprise customers to realize digital and intelligent upgrading, establish connections between people, things and things, and finally usher in the era of interconnection of all things.
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