According to the white paper on 5g smart medical health (2019) released by China 5g smart medical health development conference in 2019, 5g medical health refers to providing mobile, information and remote medical services in patient monitoring, disease diagnosis and disease treatment based on the fifth generation network communication technology and making full use of existing medical equipment and human resources, Give full play to the medical technology of large hospitals.

5g smart medical and health industry has a very good development prospect

The application of 5g network technology in the medical industry can innovate the smart medical business, promote the sinking of medical resources, improve the efficiency and diagnosis level of the hospital, save the operation cost of the hospital, help promote the targeted poverty alleviation in areas with scarce medical resources, and alleviate the problems of patients’ difficulty in seeing a doctor.

At present, some large hospitals and medical institutions in China have begun to take shape in the application of 5g. For example, the leading hospitals represented by West China Hospital and its Second Affiliated Hospital have carried out the preliminary application and innovation research of 5g Technology Smart medicine in VR ward visit, health management, medical supervision, emergency rescue, Internet medicine, telemedicine, etc.

5g smart medical and health industry has a very good development prospect

On the one hand, it is to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services, maximize the utilization efficiency of medical resources, and shorten the medical process. On the other hand, it can further integrate medical data to generate new mobile medical applications.

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