The rise of cloud IT environment has overwhelmed the already complex Wan. Under the global economy, the rapid expansion of branches and the explosion of the number of networked terminals have further exacerbated the challenges it faces. Enterprises urgently need large bandwidth, good experience and efficient networks to better manage applications and WAN performance. A “Wan change” came quietly.

5g + sd-wan set off Wan changes, and Huawei built a wide pipeline for enterprise cloud

5g + sd-wan brings about changes in Wan

Behind the changes in each industry, it is often accompanied by changes in users’ usage habits and cognition, iterations of business thinking, technology driving and so on. In this “wide area network transformation”, 5g and sd-wan play an important role. They integrate with each other, enable branches to interconnect, and jointly contribute to the digital transformation of enterprises.

Many people believe that 5g is more used at the consumer level, which seems to have no direct relationship with the enterprise wide area network. However, this is not the case. At the beginning of the birth of the 5g concept, the industry has reached a consensus: the change and improvement brought by 5g on the personal side is very limited, and greater opportunities exist in vertical industry applications.

At present, 5g has the most well-known advantages: Super bandwidth, ultra-low delay and massive connection. Its opportunities are more attractive than any previous generation of mobile communication technology. The development momentum is also extremely rapid. After the early exploration stage and the transition stage of trial commercial, 5g began to move towards a comprehensive commercial stage.

It coincides with the east wind of “new infrastructure”, pushing 5g to the forefront again. It will completely subvert all industries and give birth to new formats.

Specifically, the low latency of 5g may bring additional flexibility, enabling enterprises to abandon some MPLS infrastructure of branches and choose cheaper and more flexible 5g connections. Stronger security will help ensure the security of data transmitted through 5g network and strengthen network endpoints.

Sd-wan with thousands of application identification technologies can make up for the gap of 5g slice, and make use of the excellent transmission capacity of 5g to create a more refined, higher performance and customized low-cost enterprise network for operators and enterprise users, so as to speed up the landing of special lines, private networks and industrial applications.

Gu Xiongfei said in an interview with IT168, “sd-wan is a technology suitable for 5g, which provides a good solution in improving network reliability, security, rapid deployment and simplifying operation and maintenance.” 5g can expand the deployment mode of sd-wan, and sd-wan can also expand the application range of 5g.

In short, 5g coincides with sd-wan, and the degree of coincidence between them is very high. We believe that enterprise interconnection has entered the era of 5g + sd-wan. Enterprises focusing on business experience and management efficiency will prefer 5g + sd-wan.

Huawei builds a wide pipeline for Enterprise Cloud

2020 is called “the first year of 5g” by the industry. With the advent of the 5g era, the enterprise wide area bandwidth has increased dozens of times, while the 2 ~ 4Mbps dedicated line usually used by traditional enterprises is difficult to meet the demand; In addition, the demand for high-quality experience of application services also puts forward more refined control requirements for enterprise wide area Internet.

Under various challenges, enterprises put forward three demands for routers: 5g access, excellent performance and experience guarantee.

In this regard, Gu Xiongfei explained at Huawei network innovation technology forum 2020 Beijing station: “enterprise routing should support 5g access capability, have high-performance service processing and forwarding capability, ensure no congestion in service processing, and intelligent routing and Optimization Based on priority, so as to ensure the excellent experience of key applications.”

In fact, where there is demand, there will be a market. The demand of enterprise routing is forcing equipment manufacturers to actively improve service quality, develop innovative products and comply with the development trend of the times. In the field of Wan, a new generation of star products led by Huawei 5g ar came into being.

With the three characteristics of “5g super uplink, 3 times the industry performance and 5g sd-wan”, Huawei 5g ar adopts 5g super uplink technology, heterogeneous forwarding architecture of multi-core CPU + NP, and fully supports sd-wan function. As a result, the 5g uplink rate is increased by 20 ~ 60% on the basis of standard bandwidth, the bandwidth utilization is increased to 90%, and the forwarding performance reaches 3 times that of the industry, so as to build a high-speed High quality wide area Internet.

In addition, Gu Xiongfei further revealed: “Huawei 5g sd-wan solution has two important components, hardware equipment and controller, which we call brain and body. At the level of intelligent operation and maintenance, we introduce our intention into the controller to better protect the user’s business experience.”

There are not many manufacturers that can really integrate 5g and sd-wan in the market, and Huawei is one of the leaders. In China’s enterprise router market, Huawei’s router products have ranked first in market share for many years. As the top supplier of sd-wan solution, Huawei sd-wan has been shortlisted in Gartner Challenger Quadrant for many times and won the title of “customer choice” of Gartner in 2020.

Good market performance always confirms the solid technical accumulation on the side. Huawei has been deeply involved in the branch Internet field for 20 years, with thick accumulation and thin development. The release of its 5g AR is not only the precipitation of past experience, but also the direction of future development. In the process of industry digital transformation, it will also become a key link to reshape business processes and promote innovation.

As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do well, he must sharpen his tools first. When the knife is sharpened, it’s important where to use it. In terms of business application, Huawei 5g ar router will provide digital infrastructure for finance, medical treatment, power, retail and other industries, open a new era of enterprise interconnection and accelerate the process of enterprise intelligence and digitization.

Taking the financial industry as an example, 5g + sd-wan once became a hot spot in the banking industry based on 5g technology, zero wiring, large bandwidth, low delay, business slicing and other natural advantages. As a new form of banking service integrating 5g and other new technology applications and business innovation.

The first “5g + sd-wan smart bank” in order to practice the financial technology strategy, seize new models and opportunities in the new retail battlefield, constantly innovate and promote transformation, China Construction Bank officially launched the first batch of “5g + smart banks” in July 2019, creating a precedent for industry practice.

“Pioneering 5g + sd-wan smart bank” is a new concept bank network representing the future trend created by CCB based on its “new generation” core system and using 5g, sd-wan, Internet of things, biometric and other new technologies after the launch of the country’s first smart bank in 2013.

5g + smart bank has added innovative applications different from traditional bank network services such as shared space, financial space capsule and remote expert service. With the goal of pursuing the ultimate user experience, it can not only quickly handle common financial services, but also handle people’s payment, appointment and registration and other life services, so as to realize “connection without feeling, boundless service, smart finance and Smart Life” 。

It is reported that in the 2019 sd-wan awards annual selection, Huawei won the excellent application award by virtue of the successful practice of working with China Construction Bank to build the world’s first 5g sd-wan smart bank. Gu Xiongfei said: “Huawei is happy to provide network support for CCB’s 5g + smart bank and expand more financial business scenarios.”


In this wide area network transformation dominated by 5g and sd-wan, Huawei is sparing no effort to consolidate the technical foundation, strive to create differentiated and innovative products, and is committed to helping customers build an ultra wide, stable and secure wide area Internet that meets the needs of the 5g era, so as to improve the efficiency and experience of enterprise digital transformation.

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