The implementation of 5g will promote the development of digital integration in the world, deepen the development of globalization, the diversification of industries, the integration of multinational enterprises, and the homogenization of industry and business processes. The foundation of information technology is digital technology. It can be seen that the upgrading of digital technology brought by 5g technology will promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things and industrial Internet to achieve great development.

In this context, it is suggested to focus on the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the context of information integration this year. Information integration has become the key task of made in China 2025 this year. In the future, the development of China’s manufacturing industry will be more accelerated, intelligent and green. In the national three-year action plan for promoting industrial informatization, “three modernizations” are informatization, industrialization and digitization, while industrial informatization and digitization are the integration of informatization and industrialization. In the promotion of “three modernizations”, industrial Internet, digital twin, industrial robot and flexible manufacturing are the key development points in the future. It can be predicted that with the promotion of industrial Internet and digital twin, the digital level of industrial manufacturing industry will be further improved, and manufacturing standards, manufacturers, production enterprises and processes will fully realize interconnection and mutual cooperation. Among them, flexible manufacturing is the key. Flexible manufacturing improves manufacturing capacity, and flexible manufacturing reshapes the new mode of manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry should realize “two diversities and two integrations”, namely homogenization and differentiation.

With the technological innovation, the application of robots is gradually accelerating, and the trend of intelligent automobile appears. For flexible manufacturing, enterprises require that “flexible manufacturing” has more stringent requirements on the management of manufacturers, involving human-computer interaction, team cooperation, equipment connection and other aspects, so the promotion of flexible manufacturing is urgent. Enterprises should transform to the diversification of products and services, and realize the value creation of customers, suppliers and partners. Enterprises also need to further increase R & D investment in standardization, integration, modularization and diversification. At the same time, we should improve the integration and depth of products, so as to play an advantage in the competition. As the integration of manufacturing and information, flexible manufacturing is an indispensable development direction in the digital process. Under the “three modernizations”, we will focus on developing an integrated industrial chain of manufacturing technology, process, equipment and products with flexible manufacturing as the core. As we all know, this year is the first year of the development of domestic intelligent manufacturing in 2014, and Chinese manufacturing enterprises have gradually moved from the concept to the practice of industrial Internet. In fact, these are all in order to realize the real landing of industrial Internet.

In 2014, Evergrande, Wal Mart, Wal Mart, Shunfeng, Amazon, etc. have taken the industrial Internet as the primary research topic of informatization. Nowadays, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are in the rising cycle of intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading. As an important part of manufacturing informatization, industrial Internet needs comprehensive and healthy development to help manufacturing enterprises realize digital transformation and upgrading smoothly. The direction of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in China is mainly “large, wide and deep”, and the challenges are becoming more and more complex. Therefore, large-scale testing and promotion with high investment, high standard and high efficiency are needed to ensure the flow of all factors, accelerate and enhance the productivity of industrial manufacturing. There are many software solutions for manufacturing enterprises in the industry, and the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions can be divided into many aspects.

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