As long as you wear glasses or helmets, you can feel the swing empty from tens of meters high, as if you were on the scene; You can visit the Forbidden City, which has a history of hundreds of years; You can cross thousands of miles of wind and sand with your game friends and travel around the world together… All these benefit from the development and application of VR technology.

5g opens commercial VR industry and ushers in new life

Nowadays, VR products are becoming more and more diversified. In addition to traditional VR glasses, VR helmets and other game equipment, VR technology is also widely used in agriculture, medical treatment, transportation, education, manufacturing and many other fields, showing strong commercialization strength and increasingly broad market prospects. According to the prediction of relevant institutions, China’s VR market is expected to reach 32.23 billion yuan by 2021.

5g starts commercial power VR “newborn”

On October 31, 2019, China officially announced the launch of 5g commercial. The rapid construction of 5g base station, the extended coverage of 5g network and the great advantages of 5g technology have brought real benefits to all walks of life, especially promoting the new development of major fields such as the Internet of things, big data, smart home and intelligent hardware. Under the positive influence of 5g business, “Internet of all things” may accelerate its arrival!

In this context, the tepid VR industry has ushered in an important opportunity. You know, the main advantages of 5g focus on low delay, large capacity and high speed, while the application and upgrading of VR products are inseparable from the network. The popularity of 5g network will greatly help the commercialization of VR, enable consumers to get a better experience when using VR devices, and boost the VR market.

Therefore, after the official opening of 5g commercial, many experts in the industry believe that the VR / VR field will become an important commercial scene of 5g, and the development of 5g will also help the VR industry usher in a “new life”. As the world’s major VR industry power and 5g commercial pioneer, China will occupy a special position in the VR field in the future.

China’s VR industry ecology is gradually improving

In fact, VR has been hot for some time. 2016 is called the “first year” of VR. In that year, not only the number of VR start-ups continued to grow, but also the capital heat continued to increase. However, affected by many factors, the commercial promotion of VR products is not so smooth, resulting in investors becoming rational and the development of the industry becoming stable. Nowadays, 5g has brought new great benefits to the VR industry. How can China seize this opportunity?

In recent years, in order to promote the “recovery” of VR industry and accelerate the realization of commercial landing, the national and local governments have successively issued a series of policies and measures. For example, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guidance on accelerating the development of virtual reality industry; Jiangxi Province has successively issued the action plan for high-quality leapfrog development of VR industry, key points of VR industry development in 2019 and other documents. With the support of policies, the development of domestic VR industry has maintained an upward trend.

At present, China’s VR industry has basically taken shape in terms of overall R & D capacity and manufacturing system. According to the person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology, China has produced more than 70% of the world’s high-end head mounted VR terminals, with relatively complete design and manufacturing capacity. At the same time, the user experience has been greatly improved, and the comfort, resolution and interactivity have been significantly improved.

The shortage of talents in compound industries has become a pain point

The development of any industry is inseparable from talents. As one of the cutting-edge technology fields, VR industry has a particularly prominent demand for high-end compound talents. Especially when the VR industry is facing an important rising period, the demand for talents is far greater than before. It can be said that the shortage of talents has become a “stumbling block” for the accelerated development of VR industry.

Without high-end compound talents, the technological innovation of VR industry will lose its vitality and the overall development will be greatly affected. Under the situation of intensified global competition, if China can not effectively solve the shortage problem, it will inevitably lead to the loss of opportunities or even advantages of the domestic VR industry in international competition.

Therefore, the urgent task for the development of VR industry is to solve the talent pain point. On the one hand, the government should strengthen policy and financial support, and increase support for VR enterprise talent training and talent introduction; On the other hand, universities and enterprises should strengthen cooperation and promote the cultivation of compound and high-quality VR talents through joint school running and training. When the talent pain point is alleviated until it is solved, the development of China’s VR industry will usher in another round of new breakthroughs and show stronger development vitality.


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