As we all know, 5g has two standards: NSA independent networking and SA independent networking. The 5g mobile phones released now all support NSA and SA dual-mode, but in the early days, some 5g mobile phones were nsaonly and only support NSA base stations.

Recently, some netizens said that their 5g mobile phone suddenly had no signal, and they couldn’t figure out why. Weibo netizen @ aimikkk disclosed that this may be related to the operator’s 5g base station switching from NSA to sa base station.

According to him, after consulting Unicom, the current notice is to gradually implement the switch and upgrade from NSA to sa.

At the same time, he also consulted the customer service of Sichuan Unicom by telephone. The other party said that 20 NSA sites including Chunxi Road had been switched in Chengdu from 0:00 on January 17 to 6:00 on January 20. Single mode 5g mobile phones that only support NSA networking cannot use 5g network in these areas. Relevant notices and notices have been posted in the offline business hall, and users can view and consult offline.

Before that, a document of China Unicom was also exposed on the network, which announced that in order to accelerate the progress of co construction and sharing of SA network with China Telecom, all companies were required to complete the withdrawal of NSA base stations before June 30.

5g mobile phone suddenly no signal? Or NSA base station shut down

There are different opinions on the authenticity of this file, and Unicom has not confirmed it. However, combined with the previous customer service response, it is no secret that the operators have switched from NSA base stations to sa base stations. The 5g base stations built in China will support SA network mode.

As early as a year ago, there was a dispute over the true and false 5g standard on the Internet. Some people thought that NSA was not the real 5g, but SA was the real 5g, which triggered a big discussion among mobile phone manufacturers, operators and even the media.

At that time, China Unicom also issued a special article to introduce that there was no true or false 5g, and NSA was also a 5g technical standard formulated by 3GPP. NSA mobile phone can not be replaced or upgraded SA, but it does not affect the normal use of nsa5g network.

Before that, some experts said that nsa5g mobile phone can be used for 10 years.

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