With the cooling of the cycle plate, more and more institutions began to shift the focus to the technology plate, among which the 5g mobile phone industry chain has attracted much attention.

5g mobile phone shipment

Step up

5g mobile phone has become the mainstream direction of the smart phone market, and mobile phone enterprises usher in the “order tide”. According to reports, glory currently has more than 10 5g mobile phones on sale, all of which are in short supply. As the demand for mobile phone products expands, the gap between supply and demand of some electronic components continues to expand, and manufacturers are expanding their production capacity to ensure supply.

In January, the domestic mobile phone market showed obvious signs of recovery compared with last year, and the proportion of domestic mobile phone shipment increased compared with the fourth quarter of last year. According to the data, the domestic mobile phone market’s total shipment in January was 40.12 million units, up 92.8% year on year; Among them, the shipment volume of 5g mobile phones was 27.278 million, accounting for 68% of the mobile phone shipment volume in the same period, accounting for the highest monthly level.

In the past year, the proportion of 5g mobile phone shipment increased in a step-by-step manner, from 26.3% in January last year to 61.2% in June. Since then, the proportion has risen slowly and maintained at more than 60%, reaching 68% in January this year.

5g mobile phone shipment rises step by step, industry chain performance is expected to increase greatly

Domestic 5g infrastructure is still under construction. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, the domestic 5g investment scale has exceeded hundreds of billions, and more than 718000 5g base stations have been built. Now, it has basically covered all cities above prefecture level in China. The scale of users is also rising rapidly, with more than 200 million 5g terminal connections.

AVIC Securities believes that 5g penetration will continue to increase in the process of the continuous popularization of 5g terminals and the continuous optimization of communication network prices. Galaxy Securities forecasts that by 2023, global 5g mobile phone shipments will reach 774 million units, with a compound growth rate of 179.9%, and the penetration rate will increase to 51.4%.

Guohai Securities pointed out that the follow-up 5g applications will be the focus of the market. With the increasingly mature 5g commercial technology, 5g mobile phones have entered the homes of ordinary people.

Liu Guangyi, chief expert of China Mobile, said that whether most people start to migrate to 5g depends on factors such as the penetration rate of 5g intelligent terminals, the emergence of 5g popular new applications and the strategies of operators. This will be a process of steady improvement. It is expected that the penetration rate of 5g will increase to a relatively high level in the next two to three years.

Net profit of 7 concept stocks this year

The growth rate is expected to exceed 50%

According to statistics, as of March 2, the average rise of mobile phone industry chain stocks after the Spring Festival was 1.25%, 5.26 percentage points higher than the Shanghai index in the same period. Chuangshi, helitai, Jinlong mechatronics, Wufang optoelectronics, Derun electronics, Gongda electroacoustic and other 6 shares rose by more than 10%.

According to the published performance data, the net profit of helitai, Jinlong Electromechanical, Chuangshi and Xinlun technology is in advance, while that of Changying precision, Jingfang technology, Anjie technology, BYD, BOE A and Huatian technology is expected to double, among which Changying precision has the highest net profit growth. The company’s performance express shows that the net profit in 2020 will be 601 million yuan, A year-on-year increase of 617.82%.

According to the consensus forecast data of more than five institutions, the net profit of 23 mobile phone industry chain stocks is expected to grow year on year in 2021, among which the net profit of 7 stocks, including Chuangshi, BOE a, Han’s laser, Xinwangda, Jingfang technology, Changying precision and oufeiguang, is expected to increase by more than 50%.

Among the 23 mobile phone industry chain stocks mentioned above, the share prices of many stocks were significantly withdrawn from the highs in the past year. Huiding technology, oufeiguang, Xinwei communication and Anjie technology all withdrew more than 40%. Huiding technology’s withdrawal was the strongest, reaching 56.8%. Its main business was fingerprint identification chip. In February last year, its share price reached a record high of 387.2 yuan per share, and the value of a stock market once reached more than 170 billion yuan.

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