In the 5g era, the demand for storage devices will increase and improve by leaps and bounds, and the domestic storage industry is expected to accelerate its development by taking the 5g express.

It is estimated that 5g mobile phones will account for nearly half of all mobile phone sales in five years. By 2025, 5g mobile phone sales are expected to exceed 1 billion. Although the sales volume of 5g equipment accounts for less than 1% of the total sales volume this year, the share will be close to 10% by 2020. The first batch of 5g equipment will be high-end equipment, but there will be more 5g middle-end equipment on the market by the end of 2020, especially in China.

From 2020, driven by China, the United States and other developed countries in Asia and Western Europe, the sales of 5g smart phones will soar.

Although it starts slowly in 2019, 5g will take off rapidly. Once the price drops and the 5g available network expands, the sales of 5g mobile phones will surge. By 2025, the sales volume of 5g mobile phones is expected to exceed 1 billion. AI + 5g is accelerating into the explosive growth stage of data generation and storage demand. At present, the explosive growth of data occurs not only in the traditional cloud data center, but also in more edge data centers in the future.

With the increasing use of intelligent IOT devices, 90% of the data will be generated by machines, which speeds up the pace of entering the ZB level storage era.

In the face of this multi-point burst and exponential growth storage era, the test of storage manufacturers will be how to realize the equal improvement of physical stacking architecture and performance. For this reason, original storage manufacturers have successively launched various new architectures since this year. 5g commercial storage will significantly increase the demand of the storage market. 5g communication will be a huge data generator, and the massive data generated will grow exponentially. All data needs to be collected, stored, calculated and transmitted. 5g will significantly stimulate the demand of the storage market.

With the support of 5g, the development of AI, Internet of things, automatic driving and other application markets will drive the demand for data storage, and the interconnection of trillion devices will also put forward more demand for storage capacity. At present, storage manufacturers are more optimistic about the role of 5g mobile phone replacement tide in improving the demand of storage market.

As the world’s largest mobile phone market and the largest semiconductor market, the domestic mainland storage industry is also expected to benefit from this 5g wave. With the active research and development of brand manufacturers and the active promotion of 5g business transformation by the domestic mainland government, it is expected that the penetration rate of 5g mobile phones will jump significantly from 1% this year to 15% next year, and the total production volume of 5g mobile phones of domestic brands is expected to achieve more than half of the market share.

At present, the first-line terminal brands are trying to quickly promote the popularity of 5g mobile phones. It is expected that the domestic mobile phones with a price of more than 2000 yuan will be 5g mobile phones next year. As the main battlefield of 5g mobile phones, the domestic mainland will also become the global storage pioneer market.

In addition, at present, 5g deployment in China has taken the lead in the world. With the popularization of 5g, the application fields such as Internet of things, artificial intelligence, automatic driving, smart home and smart city will also develop rapidly. At that time, not only mobile phone storage, but also the storage market demand of the whole domestic mainland is expected to increase. With the advent of 5g, the network interaction behavior of mobile phone users will be more frequent, and the amount of data upload and download will be several times that of the past 4G era. This means that users need faster and larger storage devices than in the past.


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