On February 23, the annual event of global mobile communication industry 2021 world mobile communication conference (MWC) opened in Shanghai. At the meeting, the 5g millimeter wave exhibition area hosted by China Unicom and GSMA and supported by Qualcomm technologies made a wonderful debut, fully demonstrating the ultimate performance and rich applications of 5g millimeter wave enabling industries to the audience. On the morning of that day, Mai Yanzhou, deputy general manager of China Unicom, Wang Jianzhou, senior consultant of GSMA, and Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China attended the launching ceremony of 5g millimeter wave exhibition area.

Group photo of guests at the ceremony in 5g millimeter wave exhibition area (from left to right: Wang Jianzhou, senior consultant of GSMA, Mai Yanzhou, deputy general manager of China Unicom, and Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China)

Mai Yanzhou, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said in his speech: “Millimeter wave is an important part of 5g, and 5g is an important part of national development. As the only operator partner of the Winter Olympics, China Unicom is committed to carrying out millimeter wave pilot tests in the Winter Olympics scene and accelerating the development of the industrial chain. This time, it has worked with ecological partners such as GSMA and Qualcomm to build a 5g millimeter wave exhibition area, which effectively shows the phased achievements of the development of 5g millimeter wave industrial chain and is the best way to accelerate the development of China’s 5g millimeter wave department The agency has laid an important foundation. “

Wang Jianzhou, senior consultant of GSMA, said: “The millimeter wave band has a large number of continuously available spectrum resources. Using millimeter wave in 5g network can better meet the needs of ultra-large bandwidth and ultra-high speed applications. Thanks to the joint efforts of more than 30 enterprises such as China Unicom and Qualcomm, the audience can get an immersive 5g millimeter wave business experience, see the panoramic 5g millimeter wave industry ecology and better feel the bright future brought by 5g!”

Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, said: “5g innovation is at the center of digital transformation, and millimeter wave is an indispensable enabling technology. This time, together with industry leaders such as China Unicom and GSMA, we will demonstrate the achievements and potential of 5g millimeter wave, which is the latest example of Qualcomm’s active investment in 5g millimeter wave technology R & D, commercial and ecological development for more than a decade. Qualcomm will continue to work with the expanding 5g ecosystem, make full use of leading technologies such as millimeter wave and continuously enrich 5g Terminals and applications, so as to accelerate 5g expansion and benefit more consumers and industries. “

The promotion and application of 5g millimeter wave is another phased achievement of the industry to help release 5g potential in the year of 5g accelerated popularization. The 5g millimeter wave exhibition area unveiled this time is supported by the network provided by China Unicom and the technical support provided by Qualcomm Technology. With the theme of “5g millimeter wave, making ice and snow sports more exciting”, it comprehensively displays various technological breakthroughs such as 5g millimeter wave, creates ultra wide bandwidth wireless venues, and fully demonstrates the complete service guarantee and rich application scenarios tailored by China Unicom for audiences, media broadcasters, event organizations and participants. The exhibition area is divided into six parts: sports experience, event presentation, high-speed transmission, good memory, terminal display and environment construction. It comprehensively displays 5g millimeter wave applications and terminals supported by 39 leading enterprises in the industry, and shows a new picture of 5g millimeter wave ecological development in China today.

Panorama of 5g millimeter wave exhibition area

Among them, the diversified application scenarios supported by 5g millimeter wave include: athlete competitive experience, 5g mixed reality smart snow field, 8K video transmission, 5g full view event service and free view event live broadcast, 5g millimeter wave panoramic experience, etc. The 5g multi angle live broadcast scheme based on millimeter wave directly takes a view of the outfield of Zhangjiakou international cross-country skiing center. The UAV, head mounted camera and professional camera communicate with the base station through wireless network, and multi angle real-time return the athletes’ heroic posture in the national cross-country skiing center, so as to realize multi angle live broadcast of the field and provide diversified viewing experience for actual spectators. In Qualcomm Xiaolong ™ With the power of 5g modem and RF system, the multi manufacturer 5g millimeter wave terminal coverage module, mobile phone, CPE, PC, AR (augmented reality) and XR (extended reality) equipment, live backpack, robot and other rich categories on display fully demonstrate the strong technical strength of 5g millimeter wave to meet the needs of high-performance applications.

5g millimeter wave aims to bring new experiences and applications beyond expectations to Chinese consumers and industry users, and create great opportunities for innovation and reform of digital economy. GSMA predicts that the economic benefits of using 5g millimeter wave band in China will reach about US $104 billion by 2034. In recent years, leading enterprises such as China Unicom and Qualcomm have conducted a large number of tests and verifications with the industry, and promoted the industrial readiness with terminals first, laying a solid foundation for the maturity of 5g millimeter wave technology and ecology. The persistent investment of the whole industrial chain is precisely to accelerate the large-scale commercial deployment of 5g millimeter wave in China, draw an exciting new picture of 5g innovative economy, and enable brand-new technological transformation and industrial upgrading.

5g millimeter wave deployment is crucial to unleash the full potential of 5g and meet the rapidly growing demand for mobile data. 5g millimeter wave will support leading operators such as China Unicom to make full use of the rich spectrum resources in the high frequency band and provide the world’s fastest Gigabit cellular rate and low delay connection.

5g millimeter wave can also cost effectively help mobile operators increase network capacity to meet the growing needs of densely populated urban areas, fixed wireless access and enterprise environments. A landmark Research Report by GSMA intelligence shows that taking densely populated urban areas as an example, increasing millimeter wave deployment can save China’s mobile operators about 30% of the total cost of ownership compared with using only the sub-6ghz band.

The 5g millimeter wave technology connecting the future of intelligent interconnection is near at hand. The colorful 5g millimeter wave terminal and technology exhibition are on display in the 5g millimeter wave exhibition area, hall N4, Shanghai New International Expo Center, bringing a 5g innovative technology feast to industry partners and guests.

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