5g is a great opportunity to improve the whole industry. Messages that have been out of favor for a long time can also be upgraded into a profit magic weapon for operators with the help of 5g “Kaiguang”. With the five advantages, 5g message application scenarios are expanding. However, it can not be denied that there are still many difficulties in the development of 5g messages. If operators should develop 5g messages with “restraint”, then success will be inevitable.

Five advantages, 5g message application scenarios continue to “expand”

5g message is an upgrade of short message service. It provides enhanced message service for users, and can provide users with the sending and receiving of text, pictures, audio, video, location, contact (vCard) and other media content. According to Li Ye, the smart network innovation center of China Unicom, 5g news has five advantages.

5g message application scenarios continue to "expand" 5g message success will be inevitable

First, it has rich functions, including chat, group chat, small programs of Ott applications and many functions of various service apps; The second is the traffic entrance, which directly occupies the strong entrance of mobile SMS; The third is the native application, which does not need to download, register, log in and other pre operations. It does not need to bind the mobile phone number, collect the verification code and other actions, and is ready to use; Fourth, it is safe and reliable. Based on the strong correlation between mobile phone number and real name authentication, personal data can be interconnected between different applications to ensure data security and reliability; Fifth, cross platform connection and an open ecological environment for common prosperity. Users do not need to switch multiple apps and use the same interface to realize cross application interaction and application interconnection.

According to Li Ye, the networking structure of 5g message system consists of business operation platform, MAAP management platform, MAAP platform and 5g message center.

The business operation platform is responsible for the comprehensive review and control of 5g message business; The MAAP management platform realizes management data synchronization, MAAP parameter configuration, status supervision and routing configuration; MAAP platform is a network platform for information exchange between 5g message users and 5g message applications, and is the core network element for realizing 5g message B2C service; 5g message center is responsible for providing unified functions such as processing, sending, storing and forwarding of SMS and basic multimedia messages.

The MAAP platform, as the Chatbot portal, is used to access and control the directly connected Chatbot, and to realize the core node of a2p/p2a5g message receiving, scheduling, resending and other related business process processing. The MAAP management platform provides management and data service capability output for the group’s internal MAAP platform and business operation platform, provides intelligent management capability for MAAP, and cooperates with the business operation platform to realize the commercial value of 5g messages.

“There are many 5g message application scenarios, including medical services, financial services, e-commerce services, government services, cultural and tourism services, as well as scenarios where all walks of life need to communicate with individual users.” Li Ye said that 5g provides services through dialogue to help users quickly match the corresponding scenarios and complete the closed-loop service. Such as purchasing train tickets, hospital registration, payment, etc.

In fact, under the leadership of operators, 5g message application scenarios continue to expand. According to the latest news, the joint centralized procurement project of 2020 5g message platform (RCS) construction project of Chinatelecom and China Unicom was also launched recently, and ZTE and Huawei became the bid winning candidates.

According to fuguoqiang, a senior engineer of China information and Communication Research Institute, 5g message application development enterprises have begun to develop applications, mainly SDK manufacturers and leading SP enterprises. These two types of enterprises have obvious industrial advantages due to their strong technical capabilities and strong financial strength.

To develop 5g news with “restraint” attitude, success will be inevitable

Li Ye stressed that 5g news has unlimited development opportunities. We should seize the tail of Internet dividends and open a new pattern of 5g news dividends!

5g can not only reawaken the short message service, upgrade the message service capability, improve the user experience, but also have the opportunity to compete with the current Ott chat application software; It can also establish a new ecosystem of 5g message service, activate the vitality of a large user group, create a new service mode, and explore an ecosystem different from the previous operation mode; In addition, 5g news can also create new market value, reconstruct the user service business model, and bring new 5g news dividends.

At the same time, Li Ye pointed out that the development of 5g messages also faces three major challenges, including terminal application upgrading, user experience optimization, malicious message monitoring, industry application promotion, business model innovation and other challenges, which need to be paid special attention!

Challenge 1: the user habit of Ott applications has been formed for 10 years. Can simple social and service capabilities leverage users.

Challenge 2: terminal model adaptation. 5g message is a service that the terminal strongly depends on. Whether the terminal supports 5g message is the biggest obstacle to the promotion of this service. In fact, when the three major operators jointly released the 5g message white paper last year, the terminal manufacturers expressed their full support for the development of 5g messages. The mobile phones of Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Samsung and other brands have passed the function test of 5g messages. Among them, Xiaomi and oppo began to adapt from operators’ customized machines; Huawei strongly supports the upgrade of native, and its coverage grows rapidly; Meizu and Hisense upgraded in full and explored 5g message business innovation.

Challenge 3: cross platform entry. In order to further enhance user stickiness and adapt to more scenarios, it is necessary to support cross terminal adaptation.

For the promotion of 5g information industry, fuguoqiang believes that compliance and industrial issues should be focused on.

In the compliance issue, we should first consider the governance of spam messages, which is the focus of debate. In addition, 5g messages provide new challenges to traditional application providers based on key words. The diversity and openness of 5g message system architecture also introduces problems such as network security. It is easy to cause the decline of service quality while saving traffic.

In terms of industrial issues, the support of terminal enterprises for 5g news needs to be strengthened, and the mode of interest division needs to be innovated. The current research and deployment work is carried out within the operators’ platforms, lacking the interaction of a wide range of market players, which is difficult to stimulate the market’s participation vitality. In addition, the development cost of small and medium-sized developers is high, and they are facing a lot of uncertainty.

In order to realize the successful commercial use of 5g message service, fuguoqiang put forward four suggestions. “First of all, I hope that we can reach a consensus as soon as possible and respect the reasonable demands of all parties in the industrial chain; second, we should strengthen the requirements for the integrity and consistency of 5g messages; third, we should strengthen the information security requirements of 5g messages; fourth, we should ensure the service quality.”

Looking forward to the next development of 5g news, Li Ye believes that operators should develop 5g news with restraint, improve user experience from the perspective of users and customers, enhance platform capabilities, and effectively promote the overall goal of “everything for customers, everything for the market and everything for the front line”. The success of 5g news will become inevitable.

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