At the “China Mobile 5g private network launch plan press conference” held this morning, Wang Zhiqin, vice president of China Institute of information and communications, said that 5g serves thousands of industries and is the most important direction for 5g construction and development; 5g private network products can fully reflect the advantages of 5g.

5g network is the key data infrastructure supporting the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of economy and society. It is also the main driving force leading the network evolution and promoting the development of Internet, artificial intelligence and big data. Wang Zhiqin said: “2020 is a key year for 5g commercial deployment. 5g is leading the development of new infrastructure and becoming a stabilizer and booster of economic development.”

The Chinese government attaches great importance to 5g development. The Ministry of industry and information technology has successively issued policies such as the promotion scheme of “5g + industrial Internet” 512 project and the notice on promoting the accelerated development of 5g. After one year of development, China’s 5g network has begun to take shape. According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, as of May, China had opened 250000 5g base stations and 44 million 5g users. The scale of 5g network and users ranked first in the world.

Wang Zhiqin introduced that 5g began to gradually enter public life. 5g application played a great role in the epidemic prevention and control, condensed the consensus on digital transformation, and accelerated the integration and development of 5g with various economic and social fields. Especially in the field of industrial applications, applications in the fields of smart medicine, news media, smart city, Internet of vehicles and industrial internet account for nearly 10%, and have become 5g pioneer applications.

From the perspective of industry users, there are five requirements for 5g network: one is to be able to carry multiple types of services, the other is data security isolation and protection, the third is to enjoy network resources exclusively and the cost is low enough, the fourth is independent network operation and maintenance, and the fifth is integration with large networks.

5g is leading the development of new infrastructure and becoming the stabilizer and booster of economic development

Wang Zhiqin pointed out that the industry application market is the key to the success of 5g, and different models are being actively explored all over the world. Operators should give full play to the quality advantages of the public network, accelerate the construction of 5g general capacity, promote the maturity of 5g industry and promote the integration and innovation of industrial applications, so as to enhance the value of the whole network. Operators have long had advantages in network construction and operation and maintenance. At this stage, they should give full play to their advantages in technology and industry, create standardized products of 5g private network, accelerate the construction of end-to-end operation and maintenance system of to B, provide more network solutions, and realize services including network construction and deployment, post delivery and maintenance, so that 5g network can really sink into the enterprise, Provide private network level services to meet the needs of industry customers. At the same time, operators should promote the maturity of 5g end-to-end industry, promote cross industry integration, strengthen the innovation of business model, and actively build 5g ecology.

“The 5g industrial ecology is very open. Operating enterprises should work with industry customers with a more open attitude, actively introduce upstream and downstream partners, and attract more terminal module manufacturers and software and hardware equipment manufacturers to realize common demand discovery, product innovation, project delivery and value creation.” Wang Zhiqin said.

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