Recently, 5g can be said to be “crazy screen brushing”, and people’s views on 5g are mostly expected and optimistic. In fact, 5g is also a symbol of the continuous progress of our science and technology. We have moved from 2G to 3G, and from 3G to 4G. Now we have come to the 5g era, which is actually a manifestation of the continuous development of our science and technology. Some time ago, the world 5g conference 5g and the digital economy new kinetic energy Summit Forum were held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is “5g has become a new driving force to promote the development of digital economy”. Experts from many countries and fields around the world gathered together to discuss the changes brought by 5g to the digital economy and global industrial development.

Zhou Bowen, vice president of JD group, attended the forum and delivered a keynote report. The following are his main views:

The three core features of 5g are high density, low delay and high bandwidth. What will this bring to artificial intelligence, and what can the combination of 5g and artificial intelligence bring to social and economic development?

First, look at the high density. In the 5g era, up to 1 million devices can be connected per square kilometer, and these 1 million devices can realize the direct connection between devices without passing through other hubs. What does this mean for artificial intelligence?

We did an artificial intelligence robot competition. The difference between it and other robot games is that each robot is a reinforcement learning system. Through the interconnection of high-density and low time delay, the whole robot team can carry out reinforcement learning. Under the results of reinforcement learning, these players can achieve subtle cooperation, and the players can cheat the goalkeeper by fake actions. These research results are applied to Jingdong Logistics unmanned warehouse. All mechanical arms and even each commodity in the unmanned warehouse can be connected through artificial intelligence, which greatly improves the efficiency of the warehouse.

Another feature of 5g is low delay. The delay of 5g can theoretically be as low as 1 millisecond. When people go to the hospital to see a doctor, they feel pain from the needle to the skin. The time delay is 50-60 milliseconds. Low delay will bring great changes to people’s lives. Taking the live broadcast of sports games as an example, multiple high-definition cameras can be arranged to continuously capture players’ game moments through 5g. Then upload these images to the cloud for generation, editing and automatic synthesis. In theory, everyone can see a completely different game.

We all know the high speed of high band broadband. From a consumer perspective, high speed and high bandwidth mean a lot of changes. Take entertainment consumption as an example. In the 5g era, people will use video streaming media more frequently and experience immersive experience more. Of course, it will more trigger the integration of 5g and media, such as artificial intelligence anchor.

In the future, trusted AI will be a new origin for the integration of intelligence and economic innovation. Reliable AI reflects the humanistic spirit of mankind in technology. We see that 5g makes remote surgery possible and personalized education possible, but all this is inseparable from establishing a trusted AI for each enterprise, making each service more warm and user-centered to promote the construction of artificial intelligence.

In addition to 5g, artificial intelligence is also the focus of scientific and technological topics in the past two years. It is also confirmed that artificial intelligence will be the mainstream and important technology in the future and can subvert people’s traditional lifestyle. 5g is the foreshadowing of artificial intelligence technology. I believe that with people’s in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence technology, it is closer and closer to our expected future life

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