In order to strengthen the exploration of new business in the mobile resale industry, continuously expand innovative ideas and directions, integrate high-quality platform resources and product capabilities in the industry, promote the healthy development of the industry, explore business opportunities in the 5g era, and enhance value operation, on November 10, sponsored by the product center of China Unicom Group, China Unicom Online Information Technology Co., Ltd “Mobile resale innovation business forum” organized by Unicom music culture Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing 798 Art Park.

At the forum, Zhang Yunyong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and general manager of Unicom Group Product Center, made a video speech. “In 2020, the mobile resale industry will enter a new stage of development,” Mr Zhang said. With the layout of the 14th five year plan, 5g business has accelerated, massive application demand has emerged, and resale enterprises have also ushered in the 5g innovation enabling stage. 5g is a major opportunity for mobile resale business innovation. Mobile resale enterprises need to deeply tap the application needs of information technology in various industries, actively explore new business models with deepening cooperation and win-win innovation with various industries, promote innovation integration, enrich user choice, and seize the opportunity to achieve high-quality development. “

5g is a great opportunity for the innovation of mobile resale business. Seize the opportunity to achieve high-quality development

So, how should mobile resale enterprises seize the opportunity of the times and promote high-quality business development? In this regard, Zhang Yunyong put forward two suggestions.

First, innovation mode and business empowerment. After more than six years of development, China’s mobile resale industry has gone from the initial stage of rapid growth of users to the stage of stable development of users. The focus of business development has shifted from “user expansion” to “value management”, from homogeneous competition of basic communication business to cross-border integration and innovation breakthrough. Mobile resale enterprises should continue to increase the innovation and exploration of new business, and provide higher level and richer application services to meet the growing needs of people’s better life.

Second, we should take advantage of policies to achieve integrated development. In recent years, in order to support the development of mobile resale business, China Unicom product center has constantly adjusted and optimized its policies. In 2020, China Unicom product center will focus on the incubation, operation and promotion of family, public and digital innovative products, centering on comprehensive Internet operation and comprehensive digitization. Focus on creating a number of public innovative products, such as video RBT, Warhol learning, Warhol assistant and other businesses, which have achieved good repercussions in Unicom’s provincial branches. With the rapid growth of user scale and gradual improvement of business income, the driving effect on China Unicom’s overall business development is increasingly obvious. In this regard, China Unicom will further open high-quality innovative products to virtual operators, including video RBT and other key services, to boost the development of mobile resale business.

Finally, Zhang Yunyong said: “we hope that through the efficient collaboration and high-quality operation between various mobile resale enterprises and China Unicom, we can further realize the value management of mobile resale, drive the growth of user scale and revenue scale with innovative business, improve user activity rate and ARPU value, and achieve win-win cooperation.”

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