China’s 5g license has only been issued for one year, and it is only half a year since it was officially put into commercial use. However, the number of base stations built by the three operators has exceeded 400000, and it is expected to reach 800000 by the end of the year. A few days ago, China Mobile announced that it would complete the construction of 5g base stations by the end of August.

In 2020, 5g mobile phones have accounted for a considerable proportion of the mobile phones purchased by Chinese people, and 5g is the main driving force for users to change phones. Unfortunately, we don’t have a killer 5g app yet.

In the view of some people, since 5g exclusive applications have not yet appeared and 4G network is still worthy of great responsibility, the construction of 5g network should be slowed down, at least the pace should be slowed down, waiting for the first-class terminal popularization and application development. From the practical interests of operators, and even from the perspective of some terminal manufacturers or application developers who can not keep up with the pace of 5g, it is reasonable to slow down the construction of 5g network. However, the slow construction of network will certainly suppress the progress of terminals and applications, and further slow down the construction speed of 5g network, thus forming a vicious circle. That way, 5g will be a long way off.

5g is a good application to change society

Since the network construction is so fast, the social application of 5g will certainly accelerate. In the information industry, the network is always the basis of everything. Only with the network, the sales of the terminal will become valuable. Only when the terminal and the network exceed the critical value of scale, the corresponding applications will really be born and affect the society.

According to the current data, the number of 5g package users of operators has exceeded 100 million, and more than 66 million smartphones are connected to 5g network. A large-scale 5g scenario is about to be completed. We have reason to believe that 5g’s good application of changing society is on the stage. According to the historical empirical model, 13% of the nodes in the emerging network have achieved qualitative transformation. Now the number of mobile phone users in China is about 1.6 billion, so the time when the number of 5g users reaches 200 million is likely to be the time when 5g breaks out.

In the 3G era, many people think that the network construction is of little significance, so it’s better to do well in GPRS. However, shortly after the start of 3G network and mobile phone, microblog changed the way of social media, Taobao began to be able to shop on mobile phone, and wechat began to get tickets for mobile Internet. Mobile phone was the mobile phone in China Mobile’s early days. At the beginning of 4G, China Mobile started to build the 4G network. It soon made people feel the travel revolution brought by mobile phone navigation. Mobile phone Alipay, tiktok and jitter changed our way of life.

We believe that 5g has faster network speed, lower network delay and more extensive support for the Internet of things. It is also safer and more energy-saving. Taking out any one of its features will bring about qualitative change, not to mention the simultaneous emergence of three or more performances? 5g can make a lot of things that can be done and started to do in the 4G era become more handy, and will certainly give birth to business applications that cannot be supported by 4G.

Simple analysis, in the 4G era, we have been able to live shopping, also can remote office and online learning, can also make achievements in industrial Internet. With 5g support, live shopping will become more colorful, more and more different from TV shopping in history, making business more efficient and valuable, and changing the whole business logic. With 5g, telecommuting and learning will have VR / 3D, and more artificial intelligence. It is no longer simply watching videos online, but “just like I am here”. As for industrial interconnection, it is obvious that only 5g can bring magic.

Even though the 5g network has just been built, the layout is not perfect, and the signal coverage is not comprehensive, 5g has shown considerable value. With the help of 5g technology, remote consultation and surgery help to control the epidemic more quickly, coal mine security inspection is safer, and video conference is also unimpeded in the mobile scene. We also hope that with the popularity of 5g, the anti epidemic health code will be able to make up for all shortcomings, not only become an anti epidemic artifact, but also create a legend of 5g application( The author is a senior Telecom analyst

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