As one of the hottest topics of MWC Shanghai in 2021, the popularity of 5g news exceeded many people’s expectations.

Whether it’s the concentrated display of 5g news enterprises in the 5gin zone of the exhibition, or the “go ahead, 5g news” with full seats on the leader stage On the spot of the talk show, or the hopeful speeches of many industry leaders at the “5g news Summit Forum”, all convey a message: the development of 5g news is stepping onto a new stage, and the future prospects are promising.

As a recognized leader in the field of global edge computing, Vijay kolli, director of mobile product strategy in Asia Pacific and Japan, said that 5g message is an indispensable part of 5g business. Different use cases require different solutions. 5g message is an effective way to provide two-way communication between human based and IOT based devices and value-added applications.

5g information industry ecology has been initially formed, security issues need attention

The industrial ecology has taken shape

In April 2020, China’s three major telecom operators jointly released the “5g message white paper”, and announced that they are committed to building 5g message service into 5g universal information and communication service, thus starting a wave of 5g message boom in the market.

In fact, before the release of 5g news, the mobile industry had been deeply engaged in RCS for many years. 5g message is based on gsmarcsup, and introduces MAAP technology to realize the interaction of industry message. According to the data, as of June 2020, 90 operators in 60 countries have launched RCS services, with 430 million monthly live users.

Now, with the joint efforts of the three major domestic telecom operators and industry chain enterprises, 5g message industry ecology has taken shape. At the level of commercial promotion, the three operators, together with their industrial partners, actively promote the construction of 5g message platform. At present, the network has the conditions for large-scale commercial use; In terms of terminal promotion, so far, mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have released more than 60 terminals supporting 5g; In the aspect of application ecology construction, 5g message fully demonstrates the innovative application scenario of integration with qianhang and Baiye.

Safety issues should not be ignored

Vijay kolli pointed out that with the gradual formation of 5g information industry ecology, after the successful deployment of the platform, challenges in terms of scale and security will follow, which is very similar to today’s Internet.

“The success of 5g message requires better delivery network and infrastructure, as well as interoperability between mobile network and enterprise applications, and the security issues of vertical and horizontal information must be solved.”

Vijay kolli said that 5g greatly improves the network bandwidth and connection efficiency, but it also brings us a lot of unknowns. More and more applications are emerging, which brings great challenges to network and information security. The company hopes to help customers find a balance between scale, performance and security, and help 5g message to be commercialized successfully.

In particular, in terms of security, the “capability building” has been built. There are more than 2000 pop points and hundreds of thousands of servers in the world, which constitute a highly decentralized, redundant and reliable global edge computing platform. The three “pillars” on the platform include edge delivery, edge security and edge computing, which are constantly evolving and iterating.

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