In the past, electricity has changed the production and life style of human society. In the future, 5g will promote the new digital production and lifestyle of human society. What kind of “spark” will be created when 5g and power grid meet at the intersection of the new era?

It is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. On August 17, the Theme Conference of “lighting up Shenzhen, 5g smart city” was officially launched in Shenzhen Futian Shangri La Hotel. At the meeting, Xie Hong, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid, delivered a speech on “5g + full stack localization + smart grid to help build 5g smart city”, sharing the practical achievements of integration development of 5g, AI, cloud and smart grid, as well as the measures taken by the power grid industry to promote the deployment of 5g.

5g + full stack localization + smart grid to help build 5g smart city

Help “5g smart city”, build 5g smart grid first

Shenzhen power supply bureau is committed to providing high-quality power supply services for the leading demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen and the core cities of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, and has always followed the pulse of the development of the special zone. With the advent of 5g era, the deep integration of 5g, cloud, AI and other technologies will accelerate the upgrading of smart city, bringing new opportunities for urban development and economic transformation. Facing the era of 5g digital economy, Shenzhen municipal government has issued a series of effective incentive policies for 5g construction and AI and cloud ecological construction, and is making full efforts to lay 5g Expressway to build a smart city in an all-round way.

Stable and efficient power supply has always been a key factor to support social and economic development. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has actively integrated into and served the “double zone” construction, developing Shenzhen power grid from a fishing village power grid with a load of only 7600 kW in 1979 to a large modern urban power grid with a load of 191.3 million KW. Shenzhen has gradually developed from one of the regions with the most serious power shortage in China to a city with the largest power supply load density and leading power supply reliability in China. In 2019, the average power outage time of Shenzhen power grid will be reduced to 32.4 minutes per household, which is better than that of world-class cities such as London. The Central District of Futian is only 0.19 minutes per household, reaching the world’s top level.

Facing the future, along with the development of smart city in Shenzhen, higher requirements are put forward for the safety, reliability and operation efficiency of smart grid. Therefore, under the guidance of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau took the lead and started to study the application of 5g + smart grid as early as the end of 2017, and was selected as the only national key new infrastructure project in Shenzhen in 2020 Carry out 5g scale commercial operation.

Looking back on the exploration and practice of 5g smart grid by Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, on July 11, 2017, Shenzhen power supply bureau undertook the first 5g pilot project approved by the national development and Reform Commission, participated in the release of the world’s first 5g smart grid white paper in June 2018, established ICT Joint Laboratory with Huawei in November 2018, and completed the world’s first distribution of 5g smart grid in Bantian in June 2019 based on 5g network capacity and the world’s first 5g terminal In March 2020, the first 5g base station of China Southern Power Grid will be deployed in Pengcheng substation to realize the business access of inspection robot; in June 2020, 5g + smart camera will be used to monitor transmission cable online in Qiaoxiang road.

5g + full stack domestic enabling smart grid

The power grid mainly includes transmission, transformation, distribution and other links. The electric energy comes out of the power plant and enters into the high-voltage transmission line through the power transformation and voltage reduction, and then it is distributed to all users. For the whole power grid, safety and reliability is the first demand. For different digital and intelligent applications, the network requirements are not the same. For example, the distribution link has high requirements on network delay and reliability, and the robot inspection application in power transformation and transmission links requires high network bandwidth. At the same time, due to the large coverage area of the power grid, a wide coverage network is also needed.

5g wireless network with large bandwidth, low delay and wide coverage is more flexible and convenient than optical fiber deployment. It can also provide customized “industry private network” for the power industry through end-to-end network slicing with high isolation, high security and SLA guarantee, which is more reliable and safer than 4G network with “best effort” and “one size fits all” business. Therefore, 5g can better match the demand of smart grid, better enable the networking and digitization of grid, and integrate with AI, cloud and other technologies to promote a more secure, reliable, flexible and efficient smart grid upgrade.

In order to support the in-depth integration of 5g and power grid business, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has built a 5g power communication private network, using 5g cameras, 5g robots, 5g intelligent gateway and other intelligent equipment, based on the full stack of domestic data center, to create 5g smart grid application scenarios covering transmission, transformation and distribution.

Safe and efficient transmission

Shenzhen power supply bureau is the first to combine 5g camera with multi-functional intelligent pole in the national power industry, and realize intelligent monitoring of construction along and around the high-voltage cable channel through artificial intelligence algorithm. In addition, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has installed 1812 sets of intelligent AI cameras on the transmission lines to realize the full coverage of the transmission lines of Shenzhen power grid. Taking the inspection of a 500 kV transmission line as an example, the traditional manual inspection needs two people to inspect for 10 days, and now it can be completed in 2 hours through the new generation of transmission intelligent inspection system.

Intelligent interconnected substation

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has completed the first 5g intelligent substation Pengcheng substation. By using the self-developed intelligent operation support platform, through 5g large bandwidth and low delay network, it can send back high-definition data of intelligent camera in real time, and control the field robot in real-time, so as to support the unmanned and intelligent daily business of substation inspection and operation, and improve the inspection efficiency 7 times.

Flexible and reliable power distribution

When the power grid line fails, the distribution network differential protection can quickly isolate and recover the fault point, and reduce the outage time and affected area as much as possible. Distribution network differential protection is the key technology to ensure the stable operation of the power grid. It requires the transmission delay of the communication network to be millisecond and the timing accuracy within microseconds.

In order to verify the supporting role of 5g in distribution network differential protection, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and Huawei completed the world’s first 5g SA network cross base station differential protection test, which successfully verified that 5g can meet the demand of millisecond low delay and microsecond high-precision network timing of power grid control business, reaching the international leading level, and six technical achievements have ranked first in the world.

5g features such as low time delay and high reliability break the limitations of 4G and optical fiber, effectively carry the technical requirements of distribution network differential protection, upgrade the fault isolation time from second level to millisecond level, greatly reduce the power supply recovery time of distribution network failure, truly realize “zero perception” of power outage, and meet the demand of social and economic development for smart grid.

Independent and controllable full stack domestic IT infrastructure

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has taken the lead in the industry to carry out the research on self controllable full stack localization architecture. It has introduced domestic Taishan server, domestic Kunpeng processor, domestic openeuler operating system, and domestic gaussdb database. The localization rate of the core components of smart power transmission system is 100%, which breaks the situation of relying on foreign products in the past and puts an end to security The hidden danger of back door and the risk of power supply interruption effectively guarantee the security of power business and data.

Sharing multi win to promote 5g efficient deployment

5g network is the “digital highway” leading to the future intelligent society, but to build this road well, a large number of 5g base stations, edge nodes and other infrastructure need to be built. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau actively responds to the national “new infrastructure” construction requirements, actively undertakes social responsibility, and gives full play to the advantages of various site resources such as substation, distribution room, power tower and cable duct Gallery, so as to help Shenzhen’s 5g construction achieve “more, faster, better and province”.

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has more than 8000 power towers, which have the advantages of wide coverage, easy access to electricity and sufficient space on the tower. It is a ready-made 5g base station site resource. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau also has 261 substations and more than 15000 distribution rooms. It has the advantages of sufficient site space, stable power supply and close to users. It is a suitable ICT room resource.

In order to efficiently integrate resources, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau also seeks industrial cooperation with municipal resources, telecom operators and equipment manufacturers to build multi-functional integration sites such as 5g base station, energy storage station, intelligent distribution room, MEC, Beidou foundation enhancement station, and multi-functional smart poles integrating 5g base station, power grid camera head and public security camera, so as to innovate operation mode and expand new business forms State, to achieve optimal allocation of resources and sharing multi win.

At present, Shenzhen has achieved 5g full coverage, with 45000 base stations, the construction density of which ranks first in China. In the face of the increasing demand for 5g power, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has actively implemented the strategy of building a new smart city in Shenzhen, and specially established a 5g power supply service working group. Through on-site investigation, establishment of green channel optimization process, and implementation of 5g base station switching power supply to direct power supply, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has made full efforts to ensure the power consumption of 5g base station, saving about 100 million yuan of annual electricity cost for 5g operators.

Xie Hong, deputy general manager of the speech, said at the end of the speech that Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau will continue to implement the national new infrastructure development strategy, use 5g and other new generation digital technologies to promote digital transformation, build a safe, reliable, green and efficient smart grid, provide high-quality power supply and energy guarantee for the development of 5g industry, and work closely with 5g industrial chain to accelerate the upgrading of smart city and lighten the lights Shenzhen 5g smart city.

In the past, electric power has entered thousands of households and industries, promoting the rapid development of social economy. In the future, 5g will also enter into a thousand industries, enabling the digital transformation of the whole society and promoting the rapid development of digital economy. Today, when the power grid meets 5g, the integration and empowerment of the two will surely burst out a brilliant spark of wisdom and create greater value for the whole society.

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