The seminar was presided over by Dr. Huang Weilan, deputy leader of 5gdna industrial Internet Group and senior director of 5g Industrial Development Strategy of huaweiyun core network. Li Peigen, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and chairman of China Society of mechanical engineering, Liu Yunjie, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and director of Zijinshan laboratory, Shen Zhixiong, deputy inspector of Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Dai Jisheng, chairman of 5gdna and President of Huawei cloud core network strategy and business Development Department, delivered opening speeches. LV Ming, Deputy Secretary General of 5gdna and Minister of huaweiyun core network industry development department, made a concluding speech.

In his speech, Li Peigen said that the key to industry 4.0 lies in the interconnection of everything, which needs to be closely linked with 5g. The application of 5g in various scenarios of industrial manufacturing also puts forward requirements for the deep integration of it and ot. 5g deterministic network is an important foundation to meet the application requirements of different industries and even different scenarios of the same industry. In this regard, 5gdna’s work is of great significance and fruitful, such as exploring 5g industrial scenarios and solutions, establishing 5g industrial model sites, publishing 5g deterministic network + industrial white paper, etc., so as to effectively meet the differentiated and DIY network needs of thousands of industries. In the future, the development of 5g deterministic network in the industrial field will be a long-term process, which requires continuous collaborative efforts of all parties.

5g deterministic network is the key technology of industrial digital transformation

In her speech, Liu Yunjie said that 5g’s mission is to solve the new needs of the Internet of things, including the industrial Internet of things or the industrial Internet of things, after the transition from the consumption field to the real economy. 5g deterministic network is the key technology for 5g to complete the end-to-end vertical industry application mission, including how to realize the deterministic time delay of 5g’s air port, which requires continuous efforts. China’s 5g base station coverage has accounted for 70% of the world. How to give full play to this resource and solve the problem of 5g vertical industry application, 5gdna is a promising organization. We hope that 5gdna, together with Zijinshan laboratory, Pengcheng laboratory, various research institutions and universities, will strengthen close cooperation and jointly achieve breakthroughs in key technologies.

In his speech, shenzhixiong said that the industrial Internet is the cornerstone of the new round of industrial revolution, the key component to promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, and is of great significance to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and cultivate new momentum of economic growth. As a major province of manufacturing and Internet industry in China, Guangdong has built more than 200 industrial Internet benchmarking demonstration in key industries, promoted 15000 industrial enterprises to implement digital transformation by using industrial Internet, carried out pilot projects of digital transformation in 16 industrial clusters, introduced and cultivated a number of 5g + integrated service providers of industrial Internet, and built more than 110000 industrial clusters in total 5g base station and eight 5g + industrial Internet application demonstration parks will seize the 5g development strategic opportunity in the next step, strive to build Guangdong Industrial Internet demonstration zone, promote the manufacturing industry to accelerate its intelligent and digital development, and create a global digital economic development highland.

Dai Jisheng said in his speech that since its establishment more than a year ago, 5gdna has made great progress and gratifying achievements with the strong support of all partners, and joined 3GPP standards organization as a representative of market cooperation in October this year. Industrial Internet is the most complex application scenario. 80% of the main application scenarios of 5g are in industrial Internet. Deterministic network capability is a very necessary starting point to meet the differentiated needs of thousands of industries. It is difficult to provide predictable and measurable network capabilities, including delay, reliability, bandwidth, etc. we hope that the alliance can act as a platform and bridge to converge the key requirements of key scenarios and lead the progress of Solutions.

At the seminar, leaders and experts from all parties discussed in depth the progress and existing pain points of 5g industry’s main scenes, such as machine vision, intelligent logistics vehicle, industrial control, AR application, predictive maintenance, etc. combined with 5g deterministic network. At the same time, the exploration and practice of 5g slicing, 5gmec, system integration, private network and other technologies and solutions in the industrial Internet are discussed, and constructive suggestions are put forward on how to use 5g deterministic network to solve the problems of human, machine, material, law, environment, industrial chain collaboration and Park data security in industrial production. In the discussion session of 5g network deterministic service, the seminar proposed to release 5g network deterministic layered indicators in the first half of next year, and jointly release slicing mall with three major operators, so as to meet the differentiated SLA requirements of industrial manufacturing.

Through this seminar, the industrial Internet group of 5g deterministic network industry alliance and its industry partners had a cordial and friendly conversation, had an in-depth exchange of views, reached a consensus that 5g deterministic network is the key technology of industrial digital transformation, and pointed out the direction of joint efforts to promote the implementation of 5g deterministic network in enterprises. In the future, the 5g deterministic network industry alliance will continue to welcome more industry partners to join. Guided by the demand for deterministic network capacity, it will cooperate with upstream and downstream industry chains to realize the scale landing of 5g deterministic network and promote the high-quality and rapid transformation of digital economy.

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