On December 3, a 700MHz technology and industrial application seminar was held in Beijing under the guidance of China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., sponsored by China industry and information publishing and media group, and organized by Xintong media · communication world media.

“700MHz not only has the advantages of wide coverage and large bandwidth, but also has a unique advantage in expanding to vertical industry applications.” Guo Jiming, product marketing director of Qualcomm technologies, said at the seminar.

5g creates new opportunities, enables digital economy, and promotes commercial use of 5g in 700MHz band

Jiming Guo, product marketing director of Qualcomm technologies

5g is developing rapidly and has made many achievements

At present, 5g has become a hot topic in the industry, and 5g is developing rapidly. From the perspective of 5g network deployment, 5g network deployment speed is faster than any previous generation of mobile communication technology. Up to now, 95 network operators have launched 5g commercial network, more than 300 operators are investing in 5g, and more than 125 operators are considering investing in 5g commercial deployment based on millimeter wave band.

From the perspective of the number of terminals and users, it is estimated that the shipment of 5g terminals will exceed 750 million by 2022, and the 5g based connection will exceed 1 billion by 2023. 5g achieves 1 billion connections, two years ahead of 4glte. It is estimated that the number of 5g based connections will reach 2.8 billion by 2025.

As for the economic activities and economic impact of 5g, IHS updated the “5g economy” report in November this year. IHS predicted that although the global economic development speed will slow down due to the impact of the epidemic, the economic activities generated by 5g will not be affected too much. The economy created by 5g is based on a certain degree of flexibility and rigidity. It is estimated that the total economic output related to 5g will reach 13.1 trillion US dollars by 2035. Compared with 2019, 5g’s capital expenditure and R & D investment are expected to increase by 10.8%. Meanwhile, 5g’s jobs will also increase correspondingly.

From the perspective of 5g network technology evolution, relying on the efforts of all parties in the industry, many 5g networks and related technologies have become a reality: millimeter wave technology helps 5g expand to more frequency bands and more markets, 5g expands from TDD medium and high frequency to FDD low frequency; dynamic spectrum network can support the coexistence of LTE network and 5g network; with the evolution of network from NSA to sa network system, network technology has become more and more popular More mature, can provide more functions, expand to more application industries

Join hands with industry partners to speed up 5g commercial operation in 700MHz band

700MHz band is an important band for 5g deployment. Together with its partners, Qualcomm has taken the lead in completing a number of voice and data service tests based on the 700MHz frequency band. In addition, Qualcomm also helped terminal manufacturers launch the first batch of 5g commercial terminals supporting 700 MHz band of radio and television, covering smart phones, CPE, modules, etc., greatly accelerating the pace of 5g commercial application in 700 MHz band.

In terms of network, in April 2020, Qualcomm and ZTE completed the first 700MHz vonr call in the industry. In August 2020, the first 5g data call based on 700MHz band was completed by Qualcomm United radio and television.

Network is the foundation, and the development of industry is inseparable from the participation of the terminal. The 5g test terminal in the form of smart phone equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 5g modem and RF system is an effective help to further improve the 700MHz spectrum utilization efficiency and accelerate the commercial use of China Radio and television 5g network. “The first batch of 5g commercial terminals supporting 700 MHz band of radio and television were launched by partners such as vivo, ZTE, Yueyuan, guanghetong and gaoxinxing. Next, we will continue to launch more terminals with our partners. ” Guo Jiming said.

Up to now, Qualcomm and its partners have jointly built more than 700 terminals using the 5g solution of Qualcomm, including smart phones, CPE, 5gpc, mobile hotspots, etc. In the near future, the industry will also see connected vehicles based on 5g enabling and terminals related to industrial Internet.

Launch a new flagship platform, Xiaolong 888, to achieve improvement in many aspects

The reason why we can help partners launch the first batch of 5g commercial terminals supporting 700MHz band of radio and television is inseparable from the advantages of Qualcomm in the field of modem and RF system.

First of all, Qualcomm snapdragon X50 chip is the first 5g chip system launched by the industry, which supports the functional verification process of 5g from a laboratory system to an outfield system, and also supports the first batch of 5g terminals launched by the industry in 2019. The modem and RF system of Qualcomm snapdragon x55 can support all current 5g mainstream bands and 5g network systems, laying a solid foundation for the deployment and launch of 5g Foundation: the third generation 5g modem and RF system of Qualcomm, snapdragon X60 chip, can support the aggregation of 5g different frequency bands, fully meet the business system of radio and television system based on n28 band and 700MHz band, and provide higher flexibility for network deployment of operators.

Recently, Qualcomm launched its flagship 5g mobile platform, snapdragon 888. The flagship mobile platform of Xiaolong 8885g adopts the most advanced 5 nm process, which has achieved comprehensive improvement in connection, AI, image, game, performance and security, and can provide breakthrough performance and excellent energy efficiency.

In terms of connection characteristics, the flagship mobile platform of snapdragon 8885g supports the third generation X60 modem and RF system of Qualcomm, and the peak rate can reach 7.5gbps. It also supports the third generation millimeter wave scheme and the new 6GHz band of wi-fi6e. In terms of AI architecture, the flagship mobile platform of snapdragon 8885g can provide industry-leading energy efficiency and performance. Compared with the previous generation platform, the per watt characteristics can be improved by up to three times, and the powerful computing power of 26 trillion operations per second (26tops) can be achieved. In terms of imaging, Xiaolong 8885g flagship mobile platform is the first Xiaolong mobile platform to support three ISPs. It can process 2.7 billion pixels per second and support concurrent shooting of three cameras. Users can also capture high-resolution images in ultra-high speed motion state through 120fps, or shoot three 4khdr videos at the same time. In terms of performance, Xiaolong 8885g flagship mobile platform has achieved a series of improvements in the main architecture. In terms of games, snapdragon 888 supports the full features of Qualcomm snapdragon elite gamin. With a series of end game level features, users can enjoy a super smooth game experience with the highest HDR graphics quality. In terms of security, snapdragon 888 supports many security measures to protect the privacy of user data on the terminal side, including the security processing unit of Qualcomm, the trusted execution environment of Qualcomm, and the wireless edge service of Qualcomm. Snapdragon mobile platform can interact with the cloud service for applications and services, so as to evaluate the security of the terminal and wireless connection in real time, so as to create a secure mobile experience.

“Based on the flagship mobile platform of Xiaolong 8885g, the connection is more reliable, the processing is smoother, the game is smoother, the personal privacy protection can be more secure, and the top mobile experience will be brought to you. At present, many partners of terminal manufacturers have announced that they plan to launch smart phones equipped with the flagship mobile platform solution of snapdragon 8885g. ” Guo Jiming revealed.

5g creates new opportunities and enables digital economy

In Guo Jiming’s view, 5g will not bring about a simple upsurge of machine replacement. It will innovate many application industries and expand to many fields such as intelligent medical treatment, intelligent city, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, etc., which will bring changes to many industries.

Guo Jiming said that the natural combination of 5g and audio-visual audio, 5g transmission capacity can bring higher 5g audio-visual services and experience, which can better match the transmission application of video. Through 5g transmission network, different users can experience different scenes of sports field or stage from different angles, musicians can cross regional barriers to create relevant music, and transmit music.

5g network based on its own transmission capacity can better match and support the requirements of various capabilities of XR. The combination of 5g and XR can expand people’s social activity boundary, and also extend XR to industrial manufacturing and other fields.

5g can also enable intelligent medical treatment, safety monitoring, industrial robot, industrial intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Based on the snapdragon x55 mobile platform, the first batch of 5g Internet of things terminals and applications based on the snapdragon x55 mobile platform have been successfully launched. At the world internet conference recently held in Wuzhen, Qualcomm snapdragon x555g modem and RF system enabled China’s first batch of 5g Internet of things terminals and applications, and was awarded “world’s leading Internet technology achievements”, which is inseparable from the cooperation of China’s industrial partners.

In the next decade, besides 5g, AI is also an indispensable part. The combination of 5g and AI can better promote the edge cloud and sink the intelligent ability to the edge. With the generation of massive data of interconnection of all things, it can better match the delay and processing ability in the aspect of edge computing, and promote more intelligent scenes and intelligent applications.

“Qualcomm will work with industry partners to promote the popularization and expansion of 5g terminals, the transformation of mobile industry, the integration of cloud, AI and 5g, and join hands with industry to enable 5g digital future.” Guo Jiming said at the end of his speech.

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