The world 5g conference, the world’s first international event with the theme of promoting the development of 5g industry, will be held in Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center and Nanfeng Langhao hotel from November 26 to 28, 2020. The theme of this year’s conference is “5g enabling, sharing and win-win”. Sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial People’s government, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Ministry of industry and information technology, the conference will show the world the role and value of 5g industry empowerment.

Huawei will participate in the exhibition with the theme of “5 ‘machine’ collaboration, a total of innovative value”. Through the exhibition stand and several summit forums, Huawei will present the innovative practice and industrial viewpoint of 5g industry application, new experience of 5g intelligent life, future oriented ICT infrastructure planning and capability, Huawei digital package action practice and intelligent terminal products, and continue to create new prices for industrial development and social progress Value.

5g accelerates commercial use and stimulates new momentum of digital economy

At present, there are more than 100 5g commercial networks in the world, and 5g mobile phones have been supplied on a large scale, which promotes the rapid growth of 5g users in the world.

5g accelerates commercial use and stimulates new momentum of digital economy

In China, more than 700000 5g base stations have been built in the first anniversary of 5g’s official commercial use, realizing the city level 5g coverage, and achieving the world-wide achievement of “from heaven to earth”: 5g network has been deployed in the Everest camp with an altitude of 6500 meters, covering 8844.43 meters of the Everest summit, successfully ensuring the summit operation of the 2020 Everest high-range survey mountaineering team; 5g coal mine special network has been deployed, successively achieving the goal of reaching the ground 534 meters underground Under 800 meters of network coverage, a number of 5g + Intelligent coal industry application innovations have been completed.

As a leader in 5g technology and digital transformation, Huawei continues to invest in and stimulate industrial opportunities in key areas such as connectivity, AI, computing, cloud and industry applications. Combined with Huawei’s capabilities in cloud computing, AI computing infrastructure and Kunpeng computing industry, Huawei promotes all walks of life to accelerate digital transformation, build industrial ecology, and realize 5g multi scene commercial price Value.

Full scene connection to create the ultimate experience of intelligent life

5g era promotes full scene connection to enhance the ultimate experience of digital life. In the exhibition area of “5g opens a new experience of intelligent life”, free perspectives such as “dance storm” and VR experience will be displayed, focusing on top IP content to realize the normal supply of various forms of ultra high definition content.

In 5g era, AR service will attract customers as a kind of value-added service package. Ar library exhibition sites display popular applications to promote the continuous growth of 5g users; AR Museum exhibition sites introduce and customize ar high-quality content, and 5g user flow has increased significantly.

At the exhibition site of 5g cloud contact center, new technologies such as 5g, AI, remote interaction and desktop sharing and collaboration will be displayed to form rich media entrance based on voice, create video customer service and realize remote contact and on-site service.

5 “machine” collaboration to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry

5g’s large bandwidth, low latency, super uplink, safe and reliable connection enhancement features, combined with cloud based high-performance computing and AI, have been applied in many scenarios of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent mine, intelligent port and many other industries.

In the exhibition area of “5g accelerates the digital transformation of the industry”, Huawei 5g solutions are widely used in port tire crane / rail crane remote control, intelligent tally, AGV truck intelligent scheduling, driver behavior analysis, etc., and have been commercialized in many ports.

At the intelligent manufacturing exhibition site, the innovative solution of applying 5g cloud PLC (programmable logic controller) in Midea 5g smart factory was demonstrated. No wiring was realized through 5g, and PLC controllers were deployed in a centralized cloud to reduce the comprehensive cost.

At the smart grid exhibition site, 5g technology has been demonstrated to help China Southern power grid transform into a full-service digital one, and enhance inspection efficiency and production control reliability through 5g private network.

At the smart steel exhibition site, the combination of 5g with AI, AR and other technologies, landing remote / unmanned crane, slag adding robot, AI quality inspection of steel surface, AR collaborative assembly and other scenes are displayed, realizing the annual cost saving of 10 million.

At the intelligent manufacturing exhibition site, the deformation of the wing in the intensity test of AVIC Aircraft Strength Institute was shown by 5g return industrial camera. Combined with AI image recognition ability, the non-contact measurement was realized.

ICT technology integration to build a new computing infrastructure in 5g Era

“Connection” and “computing” lay the foundation of digital economy and promote the intelligent upgrading of cloud and government enterprise applications in industry. In the exhibition area of “new computing infrastructure in 5g era”, Huawei cloud provides the best “1 + 3 + 4” digital infrastructure, that is, one cloud infrastructure base based on Optimus, three application enabling platforms enabling digital transformation of enabling industries – Roma, AI enabling platform EI, data enabling platform fusioninsight, and four scene oriented connection contacts – connection application and connection development To accelerate the digital transformation of government and enterprise, we need to connect all things and organizations.

At the same time, the exhibition area also displays the distributed and diverse computing architecture. Huawei relies on Kunpeng and shengteng computing infrastructure to provide powerful computing power for the world and build an ecosystem of full stack it infrastructure, industry applications and services.

The integration of 5g and AI technologies will bring fusion effect and give birth to new industry applications. On the one hand, 5g high-density connection brings explosive growth of data, which can be used by AI to improve the accuracy of cloud AI model training. On the other hand, AI, combined with 5g’s low delay characteristics, can realize agile intelligent applications on the end and side. Huawei promotes the development of the industry by providing an open shengteng AI computing platform and combining 5g and other technologies to enable industry application innovation.

Science and technology will help the world, and no one will be left behind in the digital world

Since its establishment, Huawei has integrated the requirements of social responsibility and sustainable development into its business. In the exhibition area of “science and technology promoting sustainable development of human beings”, the initiatives and long-term measures for digital inclusion initiated by Huawei – tech4all’s practice all over the world are displayed.

In the field of promoting health and well-being, Huawei, together with Yishidai and Heilongjiang disabled people’s Federation, has developed the app of “smooth listening and unimpeded”, which is based on Huawei cloud’s AI capabilities (such as voice to text conversion, real-time transcription, etc.), so that hearing-impaired friends can communicate with people normally and complete self-learning through the subtitles generated by real-time voice transcription.

In the field of protecting fragile environment, Huawei cooperates with the NGO rainforest connection to use Huawei’s cloud AI training model and Huawei’s old mobile phones to detect the abnormal sound of illegal logging through the solar energy type sound monitoring equipment “Guardian” arranged in the rainforest, so as to improve the work efficiency of traditional forest rangers in preventing illegal logging and poaching.

In the field of fair and high-quality education, Huawei has helped to build an “all optical campus network” in Peng’an, providing 80 rural schools in the county with fiber-optic broadband connection of “10 Gigabit out of the county, 1 Gigabit to school, 100 Gigabit to class”. High quality schools in urban areas help rural schools hand in hand, greatly narrowing the education level gap and digital divide in remote areas.

5g full scene intelligent life opens a new experience of interconnection of all things

5g era will drive the vigorous development of digital life and intelligent industry. In the “full scene Smart Life” exhibition area, Huawei will display “1 + 8 + n” full scene smart life products.

Huawei’s mate40 series integrates super sensing Leica imaging system, which can be near, far, deep and wide. Support 4K video shooting, help users record and share life anytime and anywhere in the mobile image era. Define future images to bring different surprises to users.

The exhibition area will also display Huawei’s latest full range of smart terminal products: Huawei smart screen, freebuses series, watchgt series, matepad series, sound series and other smart home products.

5g acceleration to build an intelligent world with all things connected

5g has come, 5 “machines” cooperate. The ICT industry will also stimulate new business pattern and business growth due to 5g. Huawei is willing to explore the deep integration of 5g and various social fields with partners in various fields, experience the lifestyle of the future world, and let us enter the era of perception, interconnection and intelligence of all things faster.

In addition, Huawei will share and exchange its insights and core views in the fields of information and communication technology and vertical industry in the future through keynote speeches of several summit forums.

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