It seems that the mobile phone in kamenri, Mongkok, has not gone far. The 2G mobile phone under the Nokia Dynasty has finally become a supporting role. People holding 3G customized mobile phones are in a hurry. 4G is like a bright moon shining in the sky for ten years, and 5g is running and roaring to face us. In the past 30 years, with the iterative upgrading of information technology, the transformation of mobile communication, and the wind blowing, where will the future network go?

4G, 5g and WiFi, who can laugh last?

5g mountain rain is coming, the prospect is unlimited, but there is still a long way to go

What is 5g? Figuratively speaking, it only takes one second to download a 1g movie.

In the 5g era, the world will usher in three great changes.

One is the rapid growth of Internet access speed. 5g benchmark speed has reached 1Gbps level, which is 10 times of 4G mobile network.

The second is the formation of emerging industries. The extremely low latency 5g not only makes VR / AR applications rapidly landing, but also makes intelligent driving, telemedicine and so on come true.

The third is to help the construction of the Internet of things. 5g network can provide real interconnection of all things. The number of connections that can be realized is 50-100 times that of 4G, making interconnection of all things possible.

5g supporting network, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing and blockchain will bring huge investment.

According to the estimation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the scale of China’s information and communication industry (including electronic information manufacturing, telecommunications, software and information technology services, Internet industry, etc.) will reach 6.4 trillion yuan in 2018, accounting for 7.1% of GDP. In the field of Internet of things, it is estimated that there will be at least 3-5 billion terminals connected in the next five years, forming the Internet of things, which will bring about an investment scale of 2-3 trillion. Artificial intelligence and blockchain will also be trillions.

5g is full of unlimited prospects, but it also faces many challenges.

On the one hand, the construction of base station has a long way to go. The farther the distance is, the higher the frequency is, and the greater the power attenuation is. That is to say, the density of 5g base station is much higher than 4G. Moreover, due to the strict requirements of 5g performance parameters, the construction density of 5g base stations is even greater. Overall, the density of 5g base stations will be 2-3 times that of 4G, and the scale of 5g base stations is expected to exceed 10 million, which is also 2-3 times that of 4G base stations.

On the other hand, 5g power consumption is huge but energy efficiency is significant. The power consumption of 5g single station is 2.5-3.5 times that of 4G single station, and the increase of AAU power consumption is the main reason for the increase of 5g power consumption. At present, the full load power of a single station is nearly 3700w, so it is necessary to expand the current network power supply and supporting facilities in advance. Although the absolute power consumption of 5g base station is increasing, its energy efficiency ratio is definitely higher than 4G. Some data show that under 5g base station, more than 5000 super clear movies can be downloaded per kilowatt hour. In the 4G era, the same power can only download less than 200.

In addition, the 5g strategy of getting rid of the constraints of technologies such as Qualcomm and rising to the international discourse power struggle is also an important factor for us to meet the difficulties.

How long can 4G be strong? 98% coverage will benefit for a long time

An important premise of 5g network evolution is that 4G and 5g networks will coexist for a long time. 5g, 4G, WiFi and other existing networks jointly meet the needs of multiple scenarios, realize the indoor and outdoor network cooperation, ensure the smooth transition of existing services, and will not cause the interruption and lack of existing network services.

In the initial stage of 5g construction, due to the incomplete coverage of 5g, in order to avoid frequent handoff between 4G and 4G, operators will use 5g to fall back to 4G, and use 4G volt to solve the voice call problem of 5g mobile phone.

The frequency band of 5g network is relatively higher, and more base stations need to be built to meet the coverage problem, so that the whole 5g network construction cycle will be very long, and a good 4G network will exist for a very long time as the basic data network.

According to the data, the 4G network coverage of China Mobile in the national administrative villages has exceeded 98%. This means that the 4G network has basically completed the nationwide coverage, and the perfect infrastructure system will become a strong guarantee for the long-term stable use of 4G.

At the end of 2013, China officially issued the 4G license, and the 4G industry ecology began to form rapidly. Along with the 4G business, the performance of smart phones was greatly improved, which laid the foundation for the hardware carrier of short video. By the second quarter of 2018, 4G users accounted for 1.11 billion of the 1.26 billion people using mobile phones to access the Internet. Since then, the mobile network from the SMS, graphics and text era officially into the video voice era.

Theodore seizer of Bell Labs believes that 5g will not completely replace 4G and WiFi, but integrate 4G, WiFi and other networks into it to bring users a richer experience.

Therefore, 4G will exist for a long time as an important supplement to 5g.

WiFi will still laugh to the end

In the field of wireless network, 4G and 5g become the main body of outdoor mobile network, while WiFi is the best choice for indoor network.

Mobile 4G has become a necessary network for our daily travel. The speed of 4G is much faster than that of 2G and 3G. With the gradual increase of 4G base station coverage and the gradual decline of 4G traffic charges, 4G network has been listed as the first choice in the mobile scene.

In fixed scenarios, WiFi is the dominant network for a long time. As we all know, WiFi network has two advantages: high-speed transmission and free internet access. In the age of streaming media, whether users are watching video news or playing games, WiFi has become the best choice.

4G / 5G wireless router and portable WiFi Based on CPE technology have been blooming everywhere. 4G / 5G mobile network is transformed into WiFi wireless network for multi terminal sharing of computers, tablets, mobile phones, TV and other intelligent terminals, so as to realize worry free internet access.

Compared with broadband network and mobile network, WiFi is free and easy to use. On the one hand, WiFi sets up a bridge between network terminals and intelligent devices. On the other hand, with the launch of WiFi 6 and WiFi 6e, the highway of network connection has been successfully built, and Gigabit network transmission is no longer a bottleneck.

In the field of Wan, 4G and 5g can compete with broadband network, while in the field of wireless network, WiFi will remain in the C position and become a connecting link between the preceding and the following.

At this stage, although the 6GHz band of WiFi 6e has not yet been opened up, its bandwidth is three times that of WiFi 6, which makes the future of WiFi 6e full of unlimited possibilities.

In addition, compared with the high-power disadvantages of 5g network and 5g intelligent terminal, the low-power advantage of WiFi will be revealed.

It’s no exaggeration to say that in the future visible to the naked eye, WiFi will be the wireless overlord for quite a long time. It will accompany 5g development all the way and easily laugh to the end.

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