On July 8, 360 children’s watch P1 was officially released today, opening a new P series. It is also 360’s first children’s watch with dual cameras. Its original price was 699 yuan, and its initial price on July 16 was 599 yuan.

360 children’s watch P1 is equipped with 200W front and rear HD dual camera, with F / 2.4 aperture + 84 ° wide angle, plus 4G all Netcom blessing, giving children a panoramic view of the environment around them.

360 children's watch P1 was officially released at a price of 699 yuan

Equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon quad core processor, 4GB flash memory, super large battery capacity of 800 MAH, ipx8 waterproof level, which is also the highest waterproof level in electronic products at present; It is also matched with smartpa to optimize the sound effect, which can be heard clearly even in noisy outdoor places. Built in new badilon OS, with exclusive learning application market, etc.

The positioning function is upgraded to AI nine fold positioning, which are GPS + Beidou + GLONASS + base station + AGPs + WiFi + gravity sensing + photographing assistance + indoor positioning. The real-time positioning is not erratic. Based on Gaode indoor map, it covers 21 provinces and cities in China and more than 1000 large-scale buildings, including transportation hubs, airports, railway stations, large gymnasiums, large shopping centers, etc., to meet users’ indoor map needs. And you can view the child’s movement track on the new app.

360 children’s watch P1 has begun to make an appointment, with the original price of 699 yuan. It was opened on the official websites of jd.com, tmall.com, Suning and 360 on July 15, with a preemptive reservation price of 599 yuan.

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