As the wind vane of the global communication industry, “mwc21” landed in Shanghai New International Expo Center from February 23 to 25, attracting more than 200 exhibitors at home and abroad to participate, making positive contributions to the global mobile communication industry’s “harmonious coexistence”, fighting against epidemic situation and economic recovery.

During the exhibition, Inspur launched the iaio in MWC Shanghai, which is the first voice of Inspur in the field of 5g private network in 2021. Lin Wei, software CTO of Inspur Group, said in an interview that the iaio is very suitable for the theme of “harmony and coexistence”. It not only integrates it, CT capabilities, connectivity and computing capabilities, but also solves the last mile problem of 5g through deep integration, helping the digital transformation and development of 5g industry.

“3 + 1 + X” to solve the last mile problem of 5g

2020 is the year of large-scale construction of 5g, and China’s performance is particularly outstanding, with 600000 new 5g base stations built throughout the year, accounting for more than half of the global share. 5g network coverage has been gradually improved, and digital transformation has been accelerated to integrate into all kinds of industries.

With the promotion of 5g process, the digital transformation of the industry is moving forward to “in depth”, and the core needs of customers have evolved from the traditional IT ability to manage information assets to the IT / CT integration ability to comprehensively perceive and manage the Internet of things. Lin Wei pointed out that for the digital transformation of 5g industry, 5g, WiFi, Internet of things and other diversified network connections, as well as powerful computing power from the center to the edge, have become the most urgent needs.

"3 + 1 + X" to solve the last kilometer problem of 5g and expand the ecological soil of 5g industry in Xinjiang

“The demand of 5g industry varies greatly. The problem of the last mile of digital transformation is equivalent to the problem of meeting the connection, calculation and management of the end X of industry customers.” Lin Wei made a figurative analogy. As we all know, the most famous weapon of the monkey king is three life-saving “hairs” besides the golden cudgel. For the digital transformation of enterprises, 5g is like a golden cudgel. The problem of the last mile needs three “hairs” to be solved.

“As an enterprise coming out of the industry, Inspur’s positioning is to be a new generation cloud network integration 5g product and service provider, hoping to become a new force of 5g industry.” Lin Wei pointed out that the release of the wave of cloud Yi 5g cloud network integration all-in-one machine (iaio), is the wave of “and” connection, computing power and management of the three major capabilities to help 5g industry development of new assurance.

Inspur cloud Yi 5g cloud network integration all-in-one machine (iaio) is a 5g product created by Inspur for 5g2b market, including edge IAAs, PAAS, base station and core network. It can support operators and industry customers to build shared and exclusive 5g private network on demand, meet the digital transformation needs of multi industry customers, and promote the flexible adaptation, integrated supply and integration of cloud and network infrastructure The transformation of integrated service system.

Lin Wei pointed out that the iaio of the 5g cloud and network integration machine of Yunyi has realized the integration of the “three” capabilities of connection, computing power and management. Through the “1” integrated solution, it not only meets the various needs of “X”, but also breaks the core demands of customers “want to use, dare to use and easy to use” in the last kilometer of the digital transformation of the 5g industry, which can be described as “more with one stone”.

Opening up and innovation, expanding 5g Industrial Ecological Xinjiang

Experts predict that 2021 will be a year for 5g to “break the cocoon and become a butterfly”. 5g equipment will be popularized, 5g users will be increased, 5g threshold will be lowered, and 5g will be truly combined with industry users and individual users.

In order to further boost the development of 5g industry, in addition to realizing the “harmony” of the three abilities of connection, computing power and management in the physical aspect, the further development of 5g ecology needs to be realized through chemical reaction, which further tests the “integration” ability of enterprises.

Lin Wei said that based on the concept of cloud origin, openness, integration and intelligent design, Inspur cloud Yi 5g cloud network integration all-in-one machine (iaio) constantly gives play to the advantages of open innovation, actively promotes the opening of network architecture, the deep integration of network and computing, creates a more diversified ecology, and helps 5g industry innovation.

Inspur cloud Yi 5g cloud network integration all-in-one machine (iaio) has six characteristics: cloud network capability customization, multi band and multi standard, ecological open capability, cloud edge collaboration, safety and reliability, agile delivery and operation and maintenance, which can meet the “integration” needs of 5g ecological development.

Lin Wei stressed that “in terms of expanding 5g ecology, the iaio products can help operators further expand 5g ecological territory. Our products have great advantages in terms of capability and cost performance, which can provide new choices for operators to build 5g private network. As a new force in the CT industry, Inspur’s “1 + X” delivery mode can help operators solve the practical problems encountered by users in the existing network faster and better, and provide more intimate services. “

Inspur Yunyi 5g cloud network integration all-in-one machine (iaio) has provided safe, independent, reliable, differentiated and diversified application solutions for 12 scenarios of industrial manufacturing, energy, transportation and logistics, port and wharf, medical and health, education and scientific research institutions, etc., and has been used in Inspur high-end server factory and the factory network of Shanxi brewage town distillery, As well as the 5g science and technology innovation network jointly with airs (Shenzhen Institute of artificial intelligence and Robotics) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen).

At the end of the interview, Lin Wei stressed that as a new force of 5g, Inspur will leverage the development of 5g industry and build a new ecology of 5g industry with the iaio as the fulcrum!

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