In March, the World Association of nuclear operators (WANO) published the world nuclear power WANO composite index ranking in 2019 on its official website, with 403 nuclear power units participating in the evaluation. Among them, 23 units in mainland China were awarded 100 points. It ranks first in the world with 63 other nuclear power units in the world, and the overall WANO comprehensive score ranks first.

AL mainland China 23 generating units won WANO full score evaluation, the overall WANO comprehensive score is the top priority.

In mainland China, the nuclear power units with full score of 100 are as follows:


China Nuclear Power Group 13

State Power Investment Corporation 1

WANO performance index is an important index to measure the safety level of nuclear power in the world. It shows the performance of nuclear power plant in terms of nuclear safety, power generation management, equipment reliability, effectiveness and industrial safety in a quantitative way, which is used to monitor the operation and improvement of nuclear power plant.

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