The "2022 Qualcomm XR Innovative Application Challenge" hosted by Qualcomm has received more than 450 entries from the XR field at home and abroad since the registration was officially launched on March 17. Among the required works, more than 70 outstanding entries were selected for the finals.

"Qualcomm XR Innovation Application Challenge" is a creative exchange platform created by Qualcomm for XR industry application development companies and teams. It has been held for the fourth time. It aims to unite the XR industry ecological chain and integrate hardware manufacturers, developer ecosystems and channels. Distribution and other resources, encourage the developer community to create a richer variety of high-quality XR software application products for the Chinese market, and promote the development of the XR industry.

"2022 Qualcomm XR Innovative Application Challenge" is hosted by Qualcomm, and is organized by Unity, Unreal Engine (Unreal Engine), HTC Vive, Quli Technology, OPPO, Pico, Qiyu VR, Yingchuang Technology and YVR. Co-organized by leading companies in the XR industry chain.

This year's "2022 Qualcomm XR Innovation Application Challenge" provides participating developers with 8 commercial XR terminals based on the Snapdragon platform as development equipment. A total of 10 sets of tracks have been set up throughout the competition, including a total of 41 winners. This competition will be rewarded. The total value is more than 540,000 yuan.

In addition, the competition also provides a wealth of publicity and promotion, technical training, capital resource docking and other services for the participating teams. As a next-generation mobile computing platform, the Snapdragon XR platform can not only bring higher-quality immersive gaming and entertainment experiences to consumers, but also provide powerful assistance to enterprise-level users in the fields of public utilities, education and medical care. Thanks to the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G, the development of the XR industry is accelerating.

Over the past few years, Qualcomm has been working with ecosystem partners to actively launch XR platforms for different market segments, helping customers create differentiated XR products, promoting the development and popularization of the XR market, and bringing new products to more industries and enterprises. Opportunities to create a new world for consumers. The full list of finalists for this competition is as follows:

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