Under the tide of the times, major industries are facing the challenge of digital and intelligent transformation. In this context, the open source development model that encourages global collaborative innovation is widely adopted around the world.

At present, open source has covered all fields of software development. Most of basic software, industrial software, and emerging platform software are based on open source. Open source software has become the source of innovation in the software industry and a "standard software library".

Open source software is software developed, owned and used jointly by people from different regions, different skin colors, and different cultural backgrounds. The emergence of the open source model means a large-scale intellectual synergy, making the human information society enter a new historical development stage. From this perspective.

Today, open source has become the mainstream model for technological upgrading and industrial development, and is the core and driving force behind technological innovation. With the continuous deepening of the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry, the application of open source technology has gradually expanded, and has widely affected many industries, forming a multi-scenario, cross-industry, and widely connected open source ecosystem.

In this context, Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. ("Chinasoft International" for short) and Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. ("Shenkaihong" for short) are preparing for the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit "Thousands of Wisdom, Great Energy" The digital and intelligent open source ecosystem sub-forum takes OpenAtom OpenHarmony ("OpenHarmony") as the open source digital base to discuss the development of open source technology and empower the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

This sub-forum has set up important links such as keynote speeches and industry application sharing, focusing on industry transformation and reform, and inviting important guests such as academic leaders, experts from well-known universities, and industry experts, from international background to macro policies, from technological innovation to industrial development. , From talent training to ecological construction, in-depth analysis of the development of open source, enabling the digital transformation of the industry with open source, building an open source ecological innovation model, and seeking new strategies for development!

In the new opportunities of digitalization, the trend of intelligent upgrading of industrial equipment and digital transformation of scenarios is unstoppable. The full-scenario and full-link intelligent operating system based on OpenHarmony is the core pillar enabling the digital transformation of thousands of industries. Chinasoft International will join hands with Shenzhen Kaihong devotes itself to the research and development of KaihongOS, backed by the strong support of Chinasoft International, and jointly provides diversified, multi-scenario, full-stack ecological services for the industry, adding new momentum to the construction of an intelligent IoT world where everything is connected, and accelerating the realization of the digital economy. A grand goal.

We will work hard and set sail. We will deeply cultivate the digital ecological construction of the industry, follow the policy guidelines, join hands with experts and scholars, and work with industry partners to focus on smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart elderly care, smart education, smart perception and other fields, and go to the application of open source technology. Explore a new journey and start a new future pattern of OpenHarmony!

The 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit is hosted by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, with the theme of "software defines the world, open source builds the future together", based in China, facing the world, gathering top domestic and foreign open source foundations / open source community leaders, open source opinion leaders , representatives of open source manufacturers, outstanding open source enterprise users, and top open source developers, bringing an industrial technology feast to open source enthusiasts around the world.

We sincerely invite you to actively participate in the co-construction of the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit. We look forward to you and us to jointly build this international open source event and explore the future of open source and prosperous ecological development.

Reviewing Editor Huang Haoyu

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