2020 is a landmark year for artificial intelligence (AI). This year, the novel coronavirus pneumonia swept across the world, and launched a technological war epidemic. Among them, AI has made great efforts in medical treatment, urban governance, industry, non-contact services and other fields. It has been landing from the “cloud” to verify its real value to the society. It has begun to integrate with the industry more closely than ever before, and has entered the stage of integration of Technology and industry.

Epidemic situation makes AI “eliminate the false and retain the true”

When AI has lost the hype of speculation, the debate of ethics and the challenge of landing, AI is now a strategic technology leading the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is becoming an important strategic starting point for the world’s major countries to promote the leaping development of science and technology, realize industrial optimization and upgrading, and win the main competitive power of global competition.

For example, in novel coronavirus pneumonia “black swan” incident, global uncertainty increased, physical isolation has a significant impact on the global economy. The “contactless” online mode has become an important means of economic recovery, and has created more “potential needs” for the development of AI.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in 2020 has caused great impact on the global economic development. The production and business activities at one time were pressed by the “2020AI”. In the face of the demand of China’s economic recovery, AI technology accelerates the in-depth integration with the real economy and plays an important role in the new mode and new application.

2020 is a milestone year for artificial intelligence (AI)

The epidemic has also produced a “backward force effect”. Education, medical care, retail, office and so on are further transferred to the online. Online education, telemedicine, online office and so on are rising rapidly. Offline logistics distribution, unmanned vehicle express and other contactless economy are developing rapidly. In the service of epidemic prevention and control, AI plays an important role in medical image recognition, gene sequencing and vaccine research and development; in order to meet the needs of safe return to work and production, a number of AI innovative solutions such as multi person rapid temperature measurement and mask recognition came into being; In the face of a large number of factory workers can not return to work on time, relying on the intelligent detection equipment of visual recognition, the future of new human-computer cooperation mode is expected to further accelerate the formation.

It can be said that the epidemic has become the “touchstone” of AI and other digital technologies, and has verified its real value to society. Under the epidemic situation, AI company is no longer a spectator in the past, but plays a key role in improving the overall efficiency of the anti epidemic war. After the epidemic, China no longer has pure “traditional industries”, and each industry has more or less started the digital process

Wisdom of “new infrastructure”

In 2019, AI will appear in the third year of the government work report. In 2020, AI will be included in the “new infrastructure” policy and become one of the main supporting technologies of the new technology infrastructure. It will carry the mission of driving the post epidemic economic recovery and growth, and will also be the core driving force of a new round of industrial reform and shoulder the goal of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the trillion real economy.

In the definition of the national development and Reform Commission, AI plays an important role in the three levels of new infrastructure. It is not only an information infrastructure based on the evolution of new generation information technology, but also plays an important role in the integration infrastructure such as intelligent transportation, and provides innovation infrastructure support for science and technology research and development.

In the long run, AI, as a new technology infrastructure, is regarded as an integrated innovation tool to support the transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure. The new infrastructure will accelerate the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of China’s industrial chain, realize the efficient allocation of industrial elements, and help the transformation of new and old driving forces of national economic development.

At present, China’s AI demand has great potential, and it also needs sufficient and effective supply to meet it. Thanks to the digital foundation and ecological environment formed by the great development of Internet in recent years, China’s AI related industries have developed rapidly.

From the demand side, the pressure of long-term economic transformation and the recent recovery of anti epidemic form a dual traction; from the supply side, the ecological layers of AI industry are constantly enriched and mature, and have been implemented in many fields such as industry, medical treatment, city and so on.

According to the “China new generation AI technology industry development report 2020” released by China new generation AI Development Strategy Research Institute, the number of AI enterprises in China ranks second only to the United States in the world. The ecology of intelligent industry is constantly enriched and mature, which is reflected in technology, data, capital, market and platform.

From laboratory to large scale commercial application

AI is finally moving from laboratory to large-scale commercial application. From the underlying a-chip, deep learning framework, to image recognition, speech recognition, natural language understanding, knowledge mapping and other general technologies, AI technology has been rapidly improved, showing great economic value in various economic and social applications. At the same time, the integration of AI with cloud computing, blockchain Internet of things, 5g and other new technologies, as well as the massive Internet of things and mobile data brought by new technologies, are further stimulating the breadth and depth of AI technology application, making AI truly become the cornerstone of economic and social development.

As Ma Yun said, “Ai or machine intelligence is not a certain technology, but a way to understand and think about the world. It is also a way of life for our own future. This is not a simple change in technology, but a change in productivity, production relations and means of production. In the future, data will be the means of production, computing will be the productivity, and the Internet will be the relationship of production. In the intelligent era, these changes will bring about great social changes. “

The technological revolution brought about by AI is far beyond our imagination. In the next 30 years, intelligent technology will go deep into all aspects of society, changing traditional manufacturing industry, service industry, education and medical treatment. Our lives will be changed because of data and calculation.

Machines have intelligence, animals have instinct, and humans have wisdom.

Intelligence has wisdom, and AI is in the era of intelligence.

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