Recently, the passenger Federation announced the sales volume of new energy vehicles in the last month of 2019 and the whole year. The chart we sorted out is as follows:

2019 domestic new energy vehicle sales list BAIC new energy is the best

BAIC new energy was the best on the list in December. In particular, the EU series has opened a great gap with other models. The monthly sales of 20000 vehicles is very excellent even in the whole automobile market. In fact, the sales volume has exceeded Honda’s accord and civic, as well as the independent sedan “first brother” imperial series.

However, the b-end sales of this series account for a large part. For example, 10000 EU5 were delivered to Jingju in the middle of the year.

In addition, we can see several new faces, such as Pentium b30ev, which appeared in the top ten in November and December. In December, this car was delivered to many big customers such as Yibu travel, and the surge in sales seems to be related to it. Other models are the old faces on the ranking list, so I don’t want to introduce them more.

2019 domestic new energy vehicle sales list BAIC new energy is the best

The annual sales volume is still the leading of BAIC new energy EU series, and there is a big gap with the second place. There are no new people appearing suddenly on this annual list. Everyone speaks with the efforts of the whole year.

BAIC new energy has successfully changed its main products from slightly lower EC series to EU series, which is a small step forward in the brand; The price and positioning of aions are on the high side, and it is a new product launched this year. It is indeed commendable to achieve such achievements; As the leader of the new generation of mini cars, Euler R1 has a good future, although it has temporarily lost to the old strong team Chery EQ series.

Compared with the annual sales ranking in 2018, we can see that more high-quality models have occupied the forefront this year, and some low-end models have been replaced by better products of the same level. In 2019, the new energy market experienced a huge decline in subsidies, and the strength of the product itself has increasingly become the key to influencing consumers’ decision-making. It is still the old saying that the tide has faded, and the naked swimmers and powerful ones have gradually taken shape.

In addition, the new forces can not be underestimated. Although the two lists fail to reflect this time, in a few months of this year, Weilai, Weima and other products have entered the top 10 of the single month list.

2019 domestic new energy vehicle sales list BAIC new energy is the best

In 2019, Chery EQ, Yuan EV, BYD E5 and other models will still be strong in the ranking list; In 2020, as more high endurance products enter the market and joint venture brands significantly increase the domestic new energy market, the products of new forces become more and more perfect, and most manufacturers begin to layout services, travel, automatic driving and 5g… We believe that the market and consumers are clear-minded, and only excellent products can become evergreen. How will the list change next year? Let’s wait and see.

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