With the continuous popularization and deepening of the application of infrared thermal imaging products in major industries, the demand for infrared thermal imaging products in the industry is also constantly innovating and changing, and high-performance infrared thermal imagers with higher performance and better configuration often become the focus of attention of thermal photographers.

On April 8, gaodezhigan, one of the leading enterprises in the domestic infrared thermal imaging industry, grandly launched a new high-performance infrared thermal imaging product PS series, and demonstrated its excellent configuration, performance and imaging effect for the first time in the world. Among them, the addition of AI voice image naming and other functions is very eye-catching, introducing new technologies and possibilities to industry products, and attracting wide attention from industry people.

Why did the PS series products of Gaode Zhigan attract the attention of the industry once they were listed? It is inseparable from its many performances.

1. 0.4s, one key intelligent auto focusing

Extraordinary speed, leading the focusing speed of a new generation of thermal imagers

▲ PS only needs 0.4s to focus intelligently and clearly with one key

The biggest demand for thermal imagers by thermal imaging engineers in the industry is efficiency. Indeed, for professional thermal imaging engineers, the thermal imager is the most important inspection tool in their daily work, which must be convenient, fast and easy to use.

Gaode Zhigan PS series products realize 0.4s high-speed intelligent one key focusing in terms of focusing speed. Thermal imaging engineers often need to focus numerous times in a day. The efficiency and ease of use of 0.4s are obviously improved.

Why can the smart PS product have such excellent focusing speed? The introduction of the product manager comes from the selection of a new generation of focusing motor on the stepping motor, the built-in high-precision professional laser rangefinder and a new image auto focusing algorithm. Professional performance and configuration enable PS to efficiently assist thermal imagers to complete their daily work, which is extremely easy to use.

2. 13million, clear positioning in visible light

Extraordinary clarity. The clearer the two lights are, the more extraordinary the strength is

▲ infrared + visible light, two-way recording

Even for the infrared thermal imager, the thermal imaging engineers pay equal attention to the pixel configuration of infrared and visible light. Gaodezhigan’s new PS not only has extremely clear infrared images, but also is equipped with a 13million pixel flagship visible light camera, so that the visible light can also ultra clearly identify and locate targets; At the same time, PS also supports visible light and infrared dual channel video recording at the same time, so that infrared light and visible light can assist thermal imaging engineers in their daily work, complement each other and complement each other.

3. AI recognition, intelligent voice naming

Extremely efficient, thousands of pictures can be easily named

▲ PS supports AI speech recognition

Good products always start from the most real needs of users. Among the many features of PS products, AI speech recognition function is very convenient and easy to use for thermal photographers.

Gaode Zhigan PS series products can support AI speech recognition. Just aim at the local voice, and you can quickly name the picture. In addition, it also supports OCR recognition of the name plate / number and other words of the shooting equipment. It takes photos while patrolling and names them. The work is completed after shooting, making the daily work of the thermal imager more efficient and easier.

4. Cloud IOT, sharing and efficient collaboration instantly

Extraordinary collaboration, efficient discovery of equipment hidden dangers

▲ cloud service enables PS to connect everything

The heavy inspection work makes the immediate analysis of thermal images a burden? Don’t worry, the new PS supports WiFi cloud service transmission, and can share the on-site pictures taken by the machine to the cloud anytime and anywhere. The PC software thermotools can log in to the cloud account to assist in remote efficient collaboration, real-time analysis and feedback, and the detection results can be known in real time.

5. Zero waiting, quick meeting of lens requirements

Time saving, quick response and easy replacement of new lens

▲ PS can quickly match telephoto / macro lens

In terms of the convenience of replacing the telephoto / macro lens, the new product of gaodezhigan PS is also superior to similar products, and has taken the lead in realizing worry free rapid lens change in the industry. In the past, this work required sending the complete machine back to the manufacturer for re temperature calibration, and the process was quite tedious and time-consuming. Now, just wait for the lens sent by the manufacturer, and it can be quickly installed on the host for use, saving time and cost.

6. Seiko, continuation of ingenuity and patented technology

Extraordinary heritage, strength is still hard core

▲ PS continues the super-resolution reconstruction function to zoom in and see more clearly

Gaode Zhigan’s PS series new products continue the patented technology and superior performance of its high-performance thermal imager products.

·Image super-resolution reconstruction with high imaging quality

·MIF multi spectral image fusion patented technology, excellent observation experience

·Panoramic mosaic, 2 to 9 partial images are spliced to form a complete picture of the target, with complete temperature information

·Macro lens is optional, circuit board, micro components, etc., and small details can be seen clearly

7. Versatile, calmly handling hundreds of application scenarios

Performance, performance

▲ PS supports flexible setting of emissivity in different regions

In addition, Gaode Zhigan PS series products adopt a new generation of uncooled infrared focal plane detectors, with clearer infrared images, covering an ultra wide temperature measurement range of -40 ℃ ~2000 ℃, and supporting comprehensive temperature analysis of 20 points / lines / areas.

In addition, it can rotate the lens and screen, intelligently measure the area of the target area, flexibly set the emissivity in different regions, laser ranging, built-in 64g storage space and other professional functions and configurations, so that PS series products can cope with complex application scenarios, including building detection, power detection, scientific research and many other application fields.

Simplify the complex, control the complex with simplicity, and feel the extraordinary energy efficiency of PS new products. No amount of introduction is better than actual experience. We look forward to your personal exploration.

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