The epidemic has had the greatest impact on the catering, tourism and hotel industry. Well-known travel search engines have launched "epidemic radar", using big data, AI and other technical means to help guests returning to work and staying in hotels to check the epidemic situation around the selected hotel.Epidemic Radar provides real-time epidemic dynamics, confirmed cases and new cases of the city and region where the hotel is located., to provide comprehensive epidemic information reference for inbound travelers when booking hotels.

The high-tech car has already possessed human-like intelligence. The high-definition camera on the roof is the "eye", the millimeter-wave radar on the car logo is the "ear", and the powerful intelligent system is the "brain". NewestCar intelligent safety system.

The UAV measurement and control system collects the flight state data measured by the sensor in real time, receives the control commands and data transmitted by the radio measurement and control terminal from the uplink channel of the ground measurement and control station, and outputs the control commands to the executor after calculation and processing.Control of UAV flight mode and management and control of mission equipment;At the same time, the state data of the UAV and the working state parameters of the engine, airborne power system, and mission equipmentReal-time transmission of data to airborne radiosThe terminal is sent back to the ground control station via the radio downlink channel.

Some say "ears", others say "eyes", and radar is also called ""radiolocation”, radar sensors are increasingly being developed for civilian applications, enabling smarter devices. As with commercial electronics and communications technologies, the evolution from fully analog designs to hybrid analog/digital designs has driven continuous advancements in functionality and performance.

In radar systems, frequencies are becoming more and more flexible, and signal formats and modulation schemes, whether pulsed or otherwise, are becoming more complex, which calls for higher bandwidths. Advanced DSP technology can be used to mask system operation and avoid interference. Architectures such as active electronically controlled arrays (AESAs) rely on advanced materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) for better beamforming and beam steering performance.

Electro Rent offers radar signal test products from Keysight and Rohde & Schwarz, as shown below.


  • E8257D-PSG Analog Signal Generator

  • N5193A-UXG Agile Signal Generator

  • E8267D-PSG Vector Signal Generator

  • N5183B-MXG Analog Microwave Signal Generator

  • M8195-Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • N5222B-PNA Network Analyzer

  • N5244B-PNA Network Analyzer

  • N9040B-UXA Signal Analyzer

☉ Rohde & Schwarz

  • FSW67 – Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

  • SMW200A Vector Signal Generator

  • SMA100B RF and Microwave Signal Generator

  • ZVA67 Vector Network Analyzer

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